The Origins of Blackjack

The game of ’21’ as it’s commonly known is adored around the world. However, to understand its principles, first of all, we need to know its origins. While researchers struggle to pin down an exact date, the majority believe Blackjack began in France. Way back in the late 1700s, it was a simple game for entertainment. You can only imagine how boring it must be to voyage on a ship around the world for two years without a few card games? Before technology and even electricity, simple hobbies like learning languages, reading and playing cards passed the time.

Some also see Spain as the starting point for the much-loved card game of Blackjack. In contrast, they originally tried to reach a total of 31 from three cards. Dating back centuries, there have been several references to how the game became so popular today. It’s noted Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes referenced the game of ’31’ in a piece of parchment in 1570. Over time the rules have changed and the popularity has grown. However, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular in casinos around the world. Fast forward centuries and the modern version is loved on technological devices.

How Blackjack Changed Throughout History

Whether for recreation, to pass the time between wars among soldiers or even in royal company, Blackjack has a rich history as a card game that’s virtually remained unchanged. Modern rules may give us more variety today, i.e mixed decks, or live casinos online. However, the first to reach a set number of 21 or 31, depending on the version you play has always been the predominant aim.

Did it start in France or Spain? Both countries will be keen to claim they set the benchmark for card game entertainment with this classic. But it can never be known for sure due to a lack of evidence. Bragging rights are certainly on the table for both, because it’s loved by millions of online gamers and online casino visitors. When you think of Blackjack, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas spring to mind as the centre of the gambling industry. However, it was actually in Europe that we know for sure where Blackjack emerged. That much is certain. Following a surge in popularity and the ability to travel, in the 18th century, it took off in the United States of America.

It was there that the term ‘Blackjack’ was coined, and it’s been a favourite across the Atlantic Ocean ever since. Although there were sceptics about whether it should be a betting game, in New Orleans during the 1820s, it first became a legal form of gambling to bet on Blackjack.

How the Rules Developed Over Time

New rules were created as the game of Blackjack continued to grow from strength to strength. For example, it’s believed that the U.S is responsible for dealers needing to remain on 17 or hitting on 16 or below. In the past, this was not the case.

If you don’t understand the rules of Blackjack or have never played before, it’s a very simple card game that’s easy to pick up and play at any time. Because of the internet, now you can play multiple varieties. However, the principles remain the same. For instance, yourself and the dealer both typically start with two cards. In some cases, the dealer shows one card face up, or sometimes both depending on the casino rules.

The player bets first, looking to reach a total of 21. The numbers range from 2 to ten, with an ace card holding a value of 1 or 11. The face cards such as Jack, Queen, and King hold a value of ten as well. The aim of the game and top value you can get is Blackjack, which is an ace and a face card – king being the highest. When you play on the internet or in a land casino, you can now play with multiple decks to increase your odds against the casino, splitting them to find that ideal pair.

Beating the Odds

Over the years, the rules have adopted and changed, with each country of origin having their traditions and preferences. Now you can play Blackjack on thousands of websites, or in your local casino if you’re old school. Because you spend a lot of time playing against the dealer, the odds are stacked in your favour compared to other casinos and table games. This is despite the casino holding a slight house edge because of the player usually betting before the dealer.

With 52 cards to play with, you can usually get a Blackjack every 21 hands dealt on average. You stand to beat the dealer 48 times out of every 100 bets, as well as the dealer likely to get a Blackjack at 31% odds if they show an ace face up. Because there are so many variations, it’s a combination of luck and strategy needed to win. Also, facing just a dealer and not experienced players in card games like Poker has its advantages too. You might even think Slots gives a better payout, but it’s Blackjack where you have the highest odds of beating the house.

Playing Online Blackjack

Now the fun part about online Blackjack is the ability to play the game from anywhere with Royalzee. If you don’t feel like walking to the local, you can switch on your mobile, tablet or desktop and play online. It’s a simple process that’s straightforward to set up.

The best online Blackjack casino websites, like at Royalzee, offer a number of games to suit different tastes. With multiple payment methods, excellent customer service and a range of titles, you’re in safe hands. If you’re looking for a challenging experience on a professional website, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s your first time playing Blackjack online or you’re well versed in a game of 21, each new sign up at Royalzee expects great bonuses and gets just that. We offer a Welcome Package Up To £/$/€ 1,000 + 100 Free Spins.

Understanding Online Games

There are several new online Blackjack games such as Vegas Strip Blackjack and Spanish Blackjack Gold Series at Royalzee. With each one, you face a different challenge against the dealer. So many options allow you to try something new in a game of cards. Why stick to one method when there are many to test. Each player will have their preference and you can discover them all at Royalzee, ranging from the classic European versions of online Blackjack to the adapted versions from the United States.

Because the online betting industry is so expansive and full of good and not so good websites, you have to be careful which you select and make sure it’s right for you. A respected casino will be established from its longevity, professional lay out and accessibility on multiple platforms. To understand the rules and cover all bases, check out the terms and conditions, as well as the wagering requirements, when playing online Blackjack. Doing so will ensure you’re secure and know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

For example, a professional website, although a business, should be fair and upfront with players new and returning to play online Blackjack. While they plan to make a profit, no game can be rigged to benefit the house. Over the long run, they will make money from each player based on the house holding a slight edge. Nevertheless, whichever country the website originates from, they should be licensed and regulated by a relevant gambling regulator (the Gambling Commission in Great Britain for example). They can not rig any game of online Blackjack as it breaks the code of conduct set out to protect the rights of players. Most games use a random number generator to ensure authenticity and fairness throughout.

Theorists will always band together to try and pick at flaws in online casino games, claiming they’re hacked or must be rigged due to an unfortunate pattern of events. However, in most cases, it can simply be down to bad luck or good luck and patience. Overall, online Blackjack is a bit of fun that doesn’t need to split hairs. If you feel like it’s too risky to bet with real money, there are even plenty of free games to play online against the computer or a dealer. That way you can take your time and discover the website of your preference without pressure.

Online Blackjack Bonuses at Royalzee

Needless to say, you can also have a go at Royalzee. Play online Blackjack bonuses to gain an extra advantage. To come out on top and beat the house edge, a strategy can play a key part in your development. For example, some adopt a card counting tactic to win. While some casinos consider it a form of cheating, it’s simply a method to win. Although they frown upon it, if you don’t use technology to gain an advantage it’s not breaking the law. To increase your chances against the dealer, it involves memorising each count, because you boost your odds of knowing what’s left in the deck. When you understand the number of low and high cards available, you can suss out what you might need to win.

Once you know the rules of online Blackjack and understand it’s not just a case of getting to 21 before the dealer, your game will show increasing signs of development. Blackjack bonuses are available online because casinos see it as a benefit to the customer. It can help you discover what you like and dislike about the game without being too adventurous initially. While some players might be bold and just want to take risks, others prefer a pragmatic approach that helps you in the long-run. Bonuses inevitably help, whatever your strategy.

Can You Play Mobile Blackjack?

At the turn of the century, technology turned a corner with mobile Blackjack. The rise of the smartphone meant we can now use it for pretty much anything. Ranging from helping with directions to booking cinema tickets, Android and iOS devices can do the lot. This includes playing on games online and betting against a casino. Now there are hundreds of decent online casinos at your fingertips so you don’t need to leave the house. Better yet, you can take gaming with you on the go.

For instance, there are plenty of mobile Blackjack games at Royalzee, including Casino Stud Poker and Vegas Downtown Blackjack. Each game has its benefits and weakness, which you can take full advantage of with several offers using mobile Blackjack. Because you are gaining access to high-quality games 24/7 on your mobile, excellent service should follow. The possibility to play while commuting to work or relaxing at home is equally important for any online player.

Convenience with modern technology has created so many added benefits to signing up and a smartphone to play the best casino games. Nevertheless, you will still get a a huge number of quality titles at Royalzee, such as Joker Poker and Atlantic City Blackjack. Some will be live against the dealer for that added social aspect where you can banter with a real-life card shuffler.

Awesome Mobile Blackjack UK

You can try your luck online for real money using your device or play on mobile Blackjack for free to gain some more experience and understanding about all the Blackjack mobile choices at your disposal. Nowadays, casinos even prefer it if you use your handheld device instead of traditional desktops because you get greater accessibility.

To reward you as a returning player or a new customer, there are plenty of bonuses in which you can use to play mobile Blackjack. Technology has created a larger portal of games for you to pick anytime you like from any location. Many games exist at your fingertips and simulated by computer, using a Random Number Generator. While online Slots and Roulette are popular with players, mobile Blackjack UK is just as liked because you often don’t need to play against someone else. Instead, it’s just you against the dealer in an offline or live dealer mobile experience.

Mobile Blackjack – Real Money or Demo?

How you start as a player can shape what route you take in mobile Blackjack. Some like to play just for fun, taking advantage of the great bonuses you can get to play free spins. This is a clever way to learn the ropes and enhance your skill set, knowing whether you prefer to play with one deck or multiple.

Demo mode mobile Blackjack is the best way to follow this path. You can register, verify your e-mail, make a deposit and play with ease all on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can test your mobile Blackjack casino skills with real money games. It all depends on which strategy you prefer to play with and what level you’re at as a mobile Blackjack player. If you’re feeling brave and want to take on the dealer, real money games can collect much higher prizes.

To start with as a new player, many adopt a low-roller strategy. This cautious approach reduces the level of risk involved with mobile Blackjack. For example, you can play games on mobile devices for very small amounts but often, steadily building up your confidence and learning about your chances of winning on Royalzee games. Alternatively, you can up the stakes straight away by taking a medium or high-risk approach with higher roller tactics. When you do this, although the chances of losing to the casino are higher, so are the rewards.

Blackjack Bonuses for You

To gather momentum as a player, the best Blackjack bonus, or our welcome package can boost the odds in your favour. Playing against a casino is tough enough when you consider the complexity of each hand dealt with you. That’s without factoring in the house edge and the numerical combinations.

Because the casino always holds a slight advantage, players initially seek welcome offers and incentives to sign up. This is not just the case with Blackjack bonuses UK, but all around the world on lots of different websites. Whether you play the U.S version, or in Europe, the aim of the game is to win handsomely. Therefore, it helps to learn online about the best offers that can improve your odds of winning. Players usually lookout for no deposit bonuses. This allows you to bet without putting any money in of your own.

Another popular offer is deposit match Blackjack bonuses, where a casino replicates whatever you decide to deposit. Why is this favoured by players old and new alike? Because you have the opportunity to try out new games. Why not discover more about existing classics and new innovations without putting any of your own money initially? Therefore, all you need to do is register and away you go. As long as you meet the wagering requirements, you can win real money. Providing you check through the terms and conditions, this is the difference between no deposit bonuses and demo mode games.

Choosing the Right Blackjack Bonuses

Compared to visiting your local casino, you can find much better Blackjack bonuses online. Why? Because there are so many more choices on the internet. To compete with the top casinos, businesses need excellent promotions to keep the customers coming back time after time. So in order to do this, it’s important to reward customers old and new accordingly.

Modern players love rewards and convenience on the go. So casinos offer incentives to players who use handheld devices, such as tablets or smartphones. When you get deposit match Blackjack bonuses it’s a winning situation for all parties. This is because you can essentially bet for free when you sign up. Although Royalzee doesn’t offer that at the moment, there are still plenty of Blackjack bonuses available to use. As a brand, we want to be fair and understanding of the customer needs. Why should you have to spend 60 times the amount of your bonus before even thinking about collecting? It would be ideal to hand out bonuses like ‘no deposits’, but with most casinos, absurdly high wagering requirements follow. This is not something we believe in or enthusiastic about as fellow appreciators of Blackjack bonuses.

How to Use Your Blackjack Bonus at Royalzee

Just because we don’t have Blackjack bonuses no deposit options right now shouldn’t make you click away. The reason for this is lots of other incentives are available with Royalzee when you sign up. For example, at the moment we have a welcome package offered after your first deposit.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry because there’s more where that came from. On the second deposit, you get the above and 25% extra as a bonus when you deposit up to £/€/$200. All of the Blackjack bonuses give you a slight advantage so that you can test your mettle against the dealer. And it’s not just with the first deposit that you can get an added incentive.

On our latest offer, Royalzee brings you bonuses on your third, fourth and fifth deposits too. You can get up to 50% on the third deposit up to £/€/$200. Following on from that, there’s the opportunity to get 25% up to a total of £/€/$600 on the fourth deposit. If that wasn’t enough, you can also gather another 50 spins on popular game Starburst too. If you fancy a change of scenery, Royalzee has loads of games at your disposal. On multiple devices, you can make the most from Blackjack bonuses, on multiple devices.