Live Blackjack Party

RTP: 99.28%

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  • Industry Leading Game Producer
  • 2 Bonus Side Bets Alongside Game Bets
  • Live Dealers Available 24 Hours
  • Traditional Game Rules For Smooth Play


  • No Jackpot Prizes on Offer
  • RTP Varies with Style or Play

Royalzee’s Live Blackjack Party

Are you fed up of the regular game of Blackjack? Here at Royalzee Casino, we have the perfect game for you. We are proud to be able to offer you Live Blackjack Party in our library. Incorporating all of the most well known and well-loved aspects of Blackjack and ranking them up a notch. Thankfully, we have been deemed safe and secure enough to be able to offer Live Casino gaming options. Any online casino you place your trust in should be regulated and hold a licence. As a result, Live Blackjack Party fits in perfectly with the kind of games we are aiming to offer players. 

The game gives a good impression compared to other Blackjack variations. As this is a Live game, you really get that feeling of being sat at the table. This is helped by the fact that there is an actual dealer performing all of the needed actions for the game. Therefore, if you are looking for a real-life casino experience, Live Blackjack Party is the Live game for you. With the game being brought into the modern-day, there are a couple of extra added bonuses that players can use. In turn, adding to the Blackjack Party you are playing. We expect that this will be one of the most popular Live games we offer. 

About Live Blackjack Party

Encompassed in the Live Blackjack Party game, you will find the regular game of Blackjack. This is offered by us here at Royalzee Casino with thanks to Evolution Gaming. They are the providers of Live Blackjack Party using the latest high definition video streaming technology. You are able to interact with the game while it is being streamed, allowing you to place bets and decide what you will do next. 

As we have an extensive library of games of offer here at Royalzee Casino, you may think finding a specific title is hard. However, we have features that allow you to find Live Blackjack Party with ease. If you click on our Live Casino tab, this will show you all of the possible Live games you can play. You can then add a filter to this to display games from a certain developer only. This will save you time searching through our library. For those who wish to find the game even quicker, we have a responsive search feature. Type in the name of the game, as a result, showing the game instantly.

How to Play Live Blackjack Party

As the core game in Live Blackjack Party is Blackjack, the rules are very similar. The only main difference is that the game is streamed Live from a table. Therefore, as the game used the traditional form of cards, there needs to be a dealer. As the player, you also need to be able to adjust and place bets. Thankfully, you can interact with the table. Unlike regular online Blackjack games, the dealer initiates the round in Live Blackjack. However, they will give a fair warning so you can get your bet placed in time. 

Live Blackjack Party also uses the more traditional table wheel to get its result. Many players prefer this as it means the outcome is not computer-generated. However, unlike some online Blackjack games, there are no special symbols that are added. This also applied to any additional cards used, as a result, using the more common number of decks. Therefore, allowing players who are already experienced with the game to start playing seamlessly. 

Bonus Rounds

To make Live Blackjack Party different from other games, there are a couple of bonus bets that you can make. Doing this adds an extra element to the gameplay experience that a player receives. The first of which is 21+3 bet, which combines aspects of 2 different games. With the 21+3 bet, you combine your dealt hand with the dealers face-up cards. If these form a royal flush, a flush or a straight (as in the game of Poker), then the player will win. This kind of feature adds a welcome side to Blackjack that us unique to this game. 

The second bonus bet that you can make is known as the perfect pairs bet. In this, you are betting that the cards the dealer shows face up are a pair before they are shown. If the player is lucky enough to see a ‘perfect pair’ shown by the dealer, this is a win. Another welcome feature to be added to make the game more interesting. The payouts for this bonus are determined by the kind of pair that you get. A mixed pair gives the lowest bonus payout, a coloured pair giving a better payout. However, it is the Perfect Pair that gives you the best payout for this bonus. 

As the Live Blackjack Party offers these two fantastic bonuses in-game, there is no jackpot connectivity. However, this is something that will not be missed thanks to the fantastic features added to the gameplay. 

Live Game Details

RTP: 99.28%Max Hand: 21Bonus Feature:Yes
Min Stake: 0.50 Auto-Play Available:NoInsurance: Yes
Max Stake: 100 Progressive Jackpot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: N/A Online 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize:N/A
Max Stake Line: N/A Scatters:N/A Mobile:Yes

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