Live French Roulette

RTP: 97.30%

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  • Get 50% Returns On Losses When The Ball Lands On Zero
  • Place Neighbour and Call Bets On The Racetrack Area
  • High Quality Video Streams for An Immersive Experience
  • Play On Mobile, Tablet, PC/Desktop and Laptops


  • Not Connected to a Fixed or Progressive Jackpot Prize
  • May Not Match The Feel of a Real Casino for all Players

Royalzee’s Live French Roulette

Let us introduce you to yet another world-class Live game from Evolution gaming. The Live French Roulette game has a wheel with the common numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. However, there’s a La Partage rule in the Live French Roulette. Basically, if you place an even-money wager and the ball stops on zero, you will only lose half of your stake.

We’ve added this game to our live casino lobby because Live French Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a world-class game that flaunts wonderful graphics, a high-quality live stream and a lavish assortment of features. Although the French Roulette is a single-zero Roulette game, it still has a slightly different layout to the classic version of European roulette.

The Live French Roulette has a regular French-style arrangement with the outside bet areas showing key words in both English and French languages. The gameplay allows for all traditional outside and inside bets like 1-18/19-36, the split and straight up. The purpose of the racetrack-shaped area is for placing both neighbour and call bets. You can choose to hide this area from view at any time. The payouts and odds for winning are standard for French roulette games. For example, 1:1 on even-money bets, 35:1 on a straight-up bet and so on. Keep reading to read more about Live French Roulette and how to play.

About Live French Roulette

Live French Roulette from Evolution Gaming is easy to understand especially if you’re used to playing European Roulette variants. Usually, online Roulette games involve a virtual wheel which is animated. This creates the feel of playing on a computer, right? Well, Live French Roulette allows you to be as close to the action as possible. The wheel in this game is an authentic wheel which is spinning because of a real dealer. This creates the feel of being in a real casino venue only you’re playing from the convenience of where suits you best. So that’s an epic online casino with real dealers at your fingertips.

Furthermore, other live players can join your session to gamble alongside you. Live French Roulette is a popular option because it offers extra features and more winning opportunities. Evolution Gaming utilises the most cutting edge live casino technology to provide a version of Roulette that gives players the land-based casino experience on mobile, desktop and tablet. Both iOS and Android users can play Live French Roulette here at Royalzee. Evolution Gaming has included game options that support many different budgets. The bet values accommodate both high and low rollers.

How to Play Live French Roulette

Before you start playing, you have the option to choose a 3D or classic view of the table. You can change this at any time throughout the game if you wish. The classic view is where you can see both the dealer and table on the screen. As a result, the live stream of the action on the wheel is fairly small. On the other hand, the 3D view is where the camera view changes to show a much more immersive feel. The rules are based around the classic rules of French roulette. This means that the wheel comprises of 37 numbers. This includes the individual zero pocket.

The game of Live French Roulette will begin when you place your bet on a selected combination or an individual number. The combinations could also include betting on red or black and odd or even. When all bets are locked in, you simply watch the wheel spin and the ball will eventually come to a stop. The number the Roulette ball lands on will be the winning number. This Live French Roulette game has a feature where you can add a table. You can play two or more (up to 4) games at once.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus to playing Live French Roulette is that there is an additional feature that is unique to the French variation. If you place inside bets, you will receive half of your bet back if your spin is unsuccessful and the ball lands on the zero. Inside bets include split bets, corner bets and straight bets on numbers. This provides you with the chance to not worry about placing a bet on zero. However, you are still eligible to place a bet on zero for a 35;1 payout. If you choose to bet on the zero, the game will go on as normal but you will lose the extra bet return feature.

Game statistics allow you to look at the results of up to 500 previous spins of the wheel. The game has a detailed help section which contains a full explanation of the payouts, bet types, game rules, bet sizes, and other aspects. Also, the chat feature lets you send a message to the live dealer. However, don’t always expect a reply because there are usually many players on a table at once. There are plenty of other beneficial features of this game. For example; sound controls, game history, options menu, save favourites feature, and much more.

Live Game Details:

No of Wheels: 1Game Features: YesMax Win:
Min Stake: Bet Levels:NoRTP: 97.30%
Max Stake: Total Numbers:37Random Jackpot:No
Symbols: ClassicNo. of Zero Pockets: 1Jackpot Prize:N/A
Coin Value: 2-1000 Online 3D Graphics:Yes Mobile:Yes

So there we have it. A comprehensive Live French Roulette overview from Royalzee online casino. If that was something you found useful then you should take a look at; Live Lightning Roulette, Live Baccarat Squeeze and Live Blackjack Party.