Live Lightning Roulette

RTP: 97.3%

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  • Industry Leading Live Game Streaming Provider
  • High Stated RTP Based on Regular Play Style
  • Highly Popular Live Game Option of Roulette
  • Available on Mobile Devices
  • Lucky Numbers Feature with High Reward


  • Bonus Feature Has No Trigger & is Given Randomly
  • Not Connected to a Jackpot

Royalzee’s Live Lightning Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular Live Roulette games that is offered online. Therefore, when we were compiling our new online Live gaming lobby, it had to be included. It is the perfect game for bringing Roulette into the modern age. It is no easy task determining which Live streamed online game is of enough quality to give to our players. However, we are pleased that we can offer you Live Lightning Roulette through our online casino platform. This Live game along with many others come from one of the markets leaders in Live gaming technology.

The game gives the feel that you are playing a physical table. This is down to the state of the are equipment used to film and stream the dealer. These professionally trained dealers are stood at a table in a studio while conducting the game. Therefore, using the traditional methods of the game to give the result. We expect this to be one of the most played Live games that we offer within our range. We believe that our players want the high-quality gaming experience that this game has to offer. Along with the modern take and look to a traditionally liked table game.

About Live Lightning Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette is very similar to the original game of Roulette. Therefore, incorporating 37 numbers on a wheel, 1-36 in red or black and a zero pocket which is indicated in green. Having this set up to the game allows players who are already familiar with the Roulette to play Live Lightning Roulette. The game is streamed by Evolution Gaming who is one of the leading producers of Live games within the market. Therefore, you know you are playing reputable and well known Live games. 

To find it within our library here at Royalzee Casino, look for the Live Casino tab. Navigating through this will show you all of the Live games we have available. However, you can add a further filter to show all of the games from Evolution Gaming. Doing this will cut down your search time considerably. However, if you wish to find Live Lightning Roulette instantly then you can use our search feature. Start typing in the name and it will bring you straight to the game you want. You must be signed in and verified before you can play any of the games.

How to Play Live Lightning Roulette

As mentioned above, Live Lightning Roulette is based on the more traditional game of Roulette. However, the game has been given a modern twist. To place a bet you will need to choose your chip size in the interactive menu and decide where on the table you wish to place it. Then the Live dealer will start the spin using the traditional wheel and ball bearing. Once the ball comes to a halt, the pocket it has landed in is the result of the round. If you are lucky enough to have predicted where the ball lands then you win. 

The odds of winning all depend on the bet you place. The table has a specific layout to allow you to place one or more bets. You can place bets on individual numbers or even whole sections of the table. However, the larger the section of the table you bet on, the lower the odds you will receive. For example, betting on the result of the spin being an odd or an even will give you much lower odds will be much lower than an individual number. Counting in the factor that you can place different chip sizes means the rewards of winning can be relatively high. 

Bonus Rounds

One of the best features offered by Live Lightning Roulette is the ‘Lucky Number’ bonus. On every spin that takes place, lightning will strike and turbocharge 5 numbers. These 5 numbers are known as the lucky numbers. As a result, if you have placed a bet on any of these numbers then you are given a random bonus. This is in the form of a Multiplier, however, being random you can receive up to 500x your stake. As bonus features in Live games are often rare, this is a fantastic way to make the traditional game more interesting.

Unfortunately, Live Lightning Roulette does not after a jackpot. However, this is not bad news when they offer a unique bonus like Lucky Numbers. Giving you an interactive experience with a Live dealer that is second to none. One of the more impressive aspects of this game is that it is fully compatible with smartphones and tablet devices. Meaning, you can play Live Lightning Roulette at your own convenience where ever you like. With the Live dealers available 24 hours a day, there is no limit to when you can access the best Live Roulette versions.

Live Game Details:

No of Wheels: 1 Game Features: 1Max Win:500,000
Min Stake: 0.2 Bet Levels:NoRTP: 97.3%
Max Stake: 10,000Total Numbers:37Random Jackpot:Yes
Symbols: ClassicNo. of Zero Pockets: 1Jackpot Prize:500x
Coin Value: N/A Online 3D Graphics :No Mobile:Yes

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