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100 Joker Staxx Slot

100 Joker Staxx Slot Game

Royalzee’s 100 Joker Staxx Slot

Royalzee should be the first name that comes to your mind when you think of casinos. In the same way, those elite places provide variety coupled with experience, we provide multiple slot games with lots of offers. Consequently, those who come to play with us generally stay with us. And we hope you will do too! Our services can run across different operating systems. Therefore, if you want to play any game with us and as long as the game is compatible across the device, we have got you covered. For instance, 100 Joker Staxx Slot is one such popular game.

There are 5 reels and 100 paylines. Hence, the name 100 Joker Staxx. This is the right choice for those who are not fond of all the extra frills around their traditional slot games. In fact, the uniqueness of this game is that it keeps things simple and takes you back to traditional settings. This is an online casino video slot game with a total of 20 coins. Also, coins can range from 20 to 100. Finally, the game has a jackpot at 20,000.

This is a simple game that one can enjoy whenever they want. But to get the best experience of 100 Joker Staxx, the only place is Royalzee. This does not get you thinking about different permutations and combinations. However, that is not to say that it is not interesting. Conversely, the simplicity of the whole affair makes it such an appealing game. Hence, we hope that you will come and join us at Royalzee and enjoy this game.

About 100 Joker Staxx Slot

The developer of the slot game released this particular version in January 2019. Immediately it captured the hearts of those who like an old-school slot game without the frills.

In essence, the 100 Joker Staxx is a very simple video slot game. The slot symbols are classic fruit symbols. Moreover, the height of the play area is 4 symbols and it counts from the left to the right. The symbols that have the lowest value are cherries, lemons, oranges, and plums. Consequently, they only give 0.05, 0.25 and 2.5 times the stake on getting 3, 4 and 5 times on the payline respectively.

Further, there are the grapes, and melon symbols. However, they have a higher rating and give 0.1, 0.5 and 5 times the stake on getting 3, 4 and 5 times on the pay line respectively. Afterwards, this game has the bar and the bell symbols. Each pays 0.5, 1.5 and 7 times your stake on getting 3, 4 and 5 times on the pay line respectively. Finally, the highest are the reds and the gold 7s. Each pays 0.5, 2 and 12.5 times your stake on getting 3, 4 and 5 times on the pay line respectively.

The developer of this game is Playson. They are one of the renowned players in the online slot gaming market.

Hence, it was not a surprise to see their offering do well with Royalzee either. In fact, because of its basic style shorn of features, it finds appeal with newbies and long-term users alike. We highly recommend you to try this game with us.

How to Play 100 Joker Staxx Slot

Slot games are the simplest offerings in any casino. They give people the chance to win without having to strategize too much. Therefore, anyone can come in and have a great time. The basic premise of all slot games is simple. In the same way that there are patterns in cards which win you a hand, getting similar symbol in slots get you a win. The types of symbols vary and the winnings are dependent on the symbols. Further, the game provides symbols known as wilds and scatters which have a bonus function.

In the 100 Joker Staxx Slot, the symbols are made of fruits. In addition to the fruits, there are symbols such as bars, bells, red 7s, gold 7s, jokers, and the golden star. As mentioned before, each of these symbols give a certain multiplier of the stake. The counting is from left to right. To play this, all one needs to do is place their stake and run the slot and hope for the best. Also note that the joker acts as the game’s wild. Hence, the game is known as the 100 Joker Staxx. Further, the golden star acts as the scatter.

The great part about this game is that it does not have any frills. Therefore, there is not much to worry about and nothing to strategize. Simply sit back and relax and get on with the game. Naturally, the higher the amount you put in, the higher your chances of winning. So do not wait anymore! Come and play 100 Joker Staxx with Royalzee.

Bonus Rounds

Slot games have evolved over the years. As a result, nowadays most games come with bonuses such as multipliers, and free spins. However, slot games were never supposed to have so many creases. They were supposed to be simple with basic symbols, one symbol acting as a wild and replacing other symbols, and another symbol working as a scatter. The 100 Joker Staxx Slot takes us back in time.

The first main chance to increase your chances of winning are with the wild. The wild replaces every other symbol, except the scatter. In this game, the eponymous joker is the wild. In addition to replacing symbols, on its own it can give the following winnings: 1, 5, 50 times your stake on 3, 4, and 5 symbols on the payline respectively.

Second up is the scatter. In this game, it is a golden star. In the same way that the joker also gives higher returns, so does the scatter. For instance, in this game it gives 4, 20, 200 times your stake on 3, 4, and 5 symbols on the payline respectively. You can notice that this is 4 times the multipliers on the wild.

With a rich purple background and simple features, the 100 Joker Staxx Slot is a game built on the best traditions of the slot game. It features nothing too complicated. Instead, it is a game designed to relax. All it requires is a person who is willing to take a sporting chance on winning something more while having a great time.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 5RTP:96.48% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.20 Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 100
Max Stake: 100 Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:20,000x
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:Yes Multipliers:Yes