2 Million B C Slot

RTP: 91.94%

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  • Fun and Entertaining Theme
  • Wilds and Scatter Symbols
  • Some Great Bonus Features
  • Excellent Visuals and Audio


  • No Gamble Feature

2 Million B.C. Slot Game

Royalzee’s 2 Million B C Slot

Royalzee is the best place for casino games today. Over the years, we have developed our reputation with sterling service and by awarding customer loyalty. In the same way, we hope to reward you with the best experience when you play with us. Royalzee will make the best gaming experience available for you. In fact, we take pride in the special bonuses and features that we offer to our customers. We are sure that our experience is unmatchable. In addition to that, our services are available across various platforms. Here we look forward to welcoming you to our online casino and to the 2 Million B C Slot game.

Among the many games that you will find with us, slot games make up a distinct category. For instance, take the case of the 2 Million B.C. Slot game. It is one of the most popular games in our portfolio. This game has great 3D graphics set in the stone age. The rewards and bonuses are also very clever and interesting. Further, it is not just interesting, but extremely easy to play.

Therefore, it has found favour with all kinds of players, irrespective of whether they are old or new. The theme is fresh, the graphics are realistic, and there are many bonuses to win. Taken altogether, it makes for a great game. In addition to that, Royalzee is dedicated to making your slot games experience even better when you play with us.

About 2 Million B.C. Slot

Many games come into the market. However, very few can remain popular over so many years if they do not have a wide appeal. Considering that 2 Million B.C. Slot game first came into the market in 2011 and has remained strong ever since, one gets an idea of how popular this game remains.

This a video slot game with 3D graphics. The RTP is 91.94%, which is slightly lesser than average. However, its great gameplay makes up for it. There are 5 reels and 30 paylines, with a height of 3 rows. The minimum bet you can place is 0.02 and you can go up to 150 coins. Since the maximum one can win is 1000x, the highest possible winning value is 150,000 coins. However, one important point to note is that counting does not work both ways; it is only from left to right. The symbols are based on the stone age. Therefore, they include symbols such as cave paintings, gems, sabretooth tiger, cavewomen, and clubs. A great selling point of 2 Million B.C. Slot game is that matching just 2 symbols on a pay line can make you win. But most of the symbols still require at least 3.

The developer of this game is Betsoft. They have many other great games in their portfolio too, which we encourage you to try out. We fully hope that you will have a lot of fun playing the game. There are many ways to win and the 3D symbols are exquisite. As a result, we are very proud to carry this game in the Royalzee portfolio.

How to Play 2 Million B C Slot

Slot games were some of the most popular games when casinos first sprang up. Because playing a slot game is simple, they have retained a wide following even as games move online. Indeed, 2 Million B C Slot follows the same lines and there is no need to strategise. The only requirements are a willingness to let your hair down and enjoy. The way most slot games work is that there are symbols across the paylines.

If you get similar symbols on a pay line, you win a certain amount. This amount is determined by the number of symbols, type of symbol, and the total initial stake. Slot games have evolved with the times incorporating stunning graphics, 3D images and virtual videos in many cases. Further, there is an additional focus on exciting bonuses in the games.

In the 2 Million B.C.Slot, the gameplay functions on the same premise. For example, we have already mentioned the symbols of the games before. In addition to those, there are other symbols that serve special functions. For instance, getting at least 3 fire symbols unlocks free spins. Further, getting at least 3 acorns activates the Sabre attack bonus. All of this happens with a background of stone tablets and fire. All of this makes the experience atmospheric.

Considering that there are such exciting symbols, this makes for a fabulous game. There are the bonus rounds and free spins too, which we talk about in more detail in the subsequent section. Further, the 3D feel of the game makes it extremely popular amongst the fans.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus features have almost become mandatory in modern games and with good reason. When a player comes to play a game, getting the same symbols over and over can make the experience mundane. However, there is a thrill with the bonus features, not to mention a chance to increase your winnings.

In the 2 Million B C Slot, there are free spins as we have already mentioned before. However, the bonus that is really clever is the diamond bonus. This becomes active on seeing at least 3 diamond symbols on the reel. This leads to the new screen, where the objective of the caveman is to purloin the diamond from a sabretooth tiger. There are different scenarios that you can choose from. Accordingly, you have to remove the diamond. Consequently, you will get a reward in line with your performance.

In addition to the above bonus, it would be remiss of us if we did not mention the high payout symbols on the normal reel. These occur if you get all 5 of the same symbols on the payline. The two symbols that activate this are the sabretooth and the flying bugs. First, the sabretooth gives you 400 credits. On the other hand, the flying bug gives you 300.

With great 3D graphics, clever bonuses, lovely features, and a great theme, this is a joy to play this game. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our patrons like it so much. In conclusion, we believe that if you join Royalzee to play this game, there is no way you leave disappointed.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 5RTP:91.94% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.02 Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 30
Max Stake: 150 Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:150,000
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:Yes Multipliers:Yes