20p Slot

RTP: 95.00%

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  • Traditional 3-Reel Layout Offered
  • Easy to Follow Game Icons
  • Bonuses Included With Gameplay
  • Playable on Smartphone and Desktop Computers
  • 500x Maximum Win Available


  • Very Basic For a Modern Slot Game

20p Slot Game

Royalzee’s 20p Slot

20p Slot at Royalzee is here to entertain you fully. We have built up scores of features that make the Royalzee experience the best in the market. We are certain that when you play with us, you will get to enjoy many more features in addition to those already in the game. Indeed, there are many special features and bonuses that only our online casino patrons can win. There are joining bonuses too. In fact, our special offers are some of the best ones you will find anywhere. Further, Royalzee is compatible across browsers, apps, and operating systems. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy it whenever you want to do so.

We carry many games with us. Among all the games, a very popular genre is slot games. For example, one slot game that is extremely popular with the sporting public is the 20p Slot. This is a slot game with a throwback to the vintage era of slot games machines. In fact, it reminds the players of a time before the computers took over.

Therefore, for those who enjoy a pure slot game, there are few games better, if any. It is a smooth and simple game that attracts everybody. The next sections cover them in some detail. In addition to the game features, when you play it with Royalzee, the gameplay takes a twist. As a result, you get the most authentic experience of playing a slot game.

About 20p Slot

It has never been easy to develop a game that can hold attention for a long time. Indeed, the developers who try to do so often end up adding features to the game. However, this game bucks that trend by attracting players because of its inherent simplicity. Perhaps, that is why this game has remained popular since its release in 2016.

This video slot game gets as basic as they can get. It has 3 reels and 5 paylines. Its RTP is 95%, which is slightly less that what one can expect with such games. Moreover, this game has a medium variance. The symbols in this game are fruits. For instance, you will come across cherries, oranges, and lemons.

The developer of the game is Inspired Gaming. They have developed many games over the years with great graphics and features that catch the eye. Conversely, the attitude they have taken with this game is exactly the opposite to that. In fact, they have bet that you will enjoy the game more not because it has new features, but because of its familiarity. It takes you back to the old days when slot games meant simple fruits symbols.

The hark back to the old style is welcome. Far too many games have taken the slot to a place where the graphics and virtual animations have become the selling point. However, this game retains the original feel of a slots game and takes you back on a nostalgic trip. Accordingly, we believe all true slots fans will enjoy this game.

How to Play 20p Slot

Slot games have always been a firm fan favourite. The slot games are extremely simple to play. Therefore, they require neither strategy nor mastery of the rules. In fact, the only requirement is that you are willing to have a good time. As a result of this, slot games have grown in number ever since their introduction. Now, they are one of the most popular kinds of games one can find. The central idea in all slot games is relatively simple. It involves spinning a reel to get similar symbols across a payline. Getting the same symbols across the payline multiplies your stakes by a certain multiplier. This is how you generate earnings from the game. The developer decides the symbols and the general theme.

In the 20p Slot, you can bet as low as 0.20 per spin. That is where the name comes from. However, they have added a slight change to the original version where this was the only stake you could enter. Now, you can go up to 20 coins at a time. Further, there is a Wild that did not exist in the original version. However, there is a clear focus on reliving the original slot experience and the new additions mentioned do not distract from the core slot game.

Due to these reasons, this game offers a chance to those who want to enjoy the slot game in the purest form. It adds some kinks that enliven the atmosphere. With Royalzee, we are sure you will enjoy this game even more.

Bonus Rounds

Most modern games include a bonus feature. Generally, one needs to get a scatter or a wild to activate these features. However, some games have overdone this to the point where players do not enjoy the slot game and enjoy only for the bonus. While that may appeal to new players, purists may want something different.

It is here that the 20p Slot wins hands down. It does not complicate the game with any flashy bonus features. In the same way as the old slots were designed, getting three symbols of the same type gets the biggest returns.

In addition to that, there is a Fortune Spin feature that differs based on the stake. Accordingly, it can covert one or two normal symbols into wild symbols. Also, these symbols work as the jackpot symbols. Their colours are red, and yellow. They may come one at a time. However, they never appear together. Consequently, you can win up to 500 credits in the same spin. Further note that this can happen only once per spin.

In conclusion, this game is a lovely throwback to the original slot games of yore. There are added features such as betting higher than just 20p. Bonus features and wilds exist in the Fortune Spin. However, the symbols are all familiar and they evoke a sense of nostalgia. Because of its simplicity, it is the ideal game for everyone. In addition to the features of the game, Royalzee provides even more, of course. So, we hope you will come and play 20p Slot with us.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 3 RTP:95.00%Wild Symbols: Yes
Min Stake: 0.20Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 20
Max Stake: 20Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot: No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize: 500x
Max Stake Line: 20 Scatters:Yes Multipliers: Yes