243 Crystal Fruits Slot

RTP: 96.00%

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  • Traditional Icons For Easy Play
  • Higher RTP than Average Slot Game
  • Multipliers Included for Players to Enjoy
  • Bonus Icons Used Within Gameplay
  • Boost Paylines to 243


  • Low Stakes Can Be Placed

243 Crystal Fruits Slot Game

Royalzee’s 243 Crystal Fruits Slot

When you think of great casino games, think of Royalzee. Since our launch, we have become one of the most respected brands in the market. However, we are not one to sleep on our laurels and constantly innovate to bring you the best online casino experience. Hence, we are confident in our claim that there is nowhere else where you can get an experience as good as with us. Therefore, we hope to see you play with us. On joining you will get to enjoy many different features and bonuses. Note that these are in addition to the game bonuses that may come from the developer. Further, we make sure that Royalzee is compatible with all devices. With all this, here is the 243 Crystal Fruits Slot for you.

We have many games in our stock. Among the main games that are popular, slot games have created their own niche. For example, one of the most popular slot games in our portfolio is the 243 Crystal Fruits Slot. In this particular version of the slot game, the symbols occur as fruits made of crystals. Thus, it is a clever version of generic fruits slot.

With beautiful graphics and a glitzy theme, this game has fast become one of the most popular offerings on our site. As a result, you will often find patrons flocking to this game just wanting to have a good time. At Royalzee, we guarantee that you will always have a good time. Therefore, we hope to see you soon. Come and play 243 Crystal Fruits Slot at Royalzee.

About 243 Crystal Fruits Slot

One of the best ways to judge the popularity of a game is its staying power. In the same way that a good product outlasts its competition, a good game remains popular even years after its release. That is something that can be said about this game. Indeed, its popularity has never waned since it was initially launched in 2017.

This game is a simple video slot. There are 5 paylines and 5 reels. The height is 3 rows. The minimum coin size is 0.1 and the maximum coin size is 10. The RTP is 96.55%. Since this is higher than the average, there is a greater chance of winning at this game. The background of this game is of single colour. In fact, it has been deliberately kept like that because all the glamour comes from the crystals that make up the symbols. The crystal symbols depict a variety of fruit. For instance, there are watermelons, cherries, and oranges, to name just a few.

Tom Horn Gaming came up with this concept. The speciality of this game is that it simultaneously keeps things simple, while jazzing it up. The crystal symbols draw in more attention.

We consider this to be a very good game. In fact, due to excellent graphics but its focus on the core slot gaming component, we place it ahead of some other popular games. However, you can really enjoy it fully when you come play it with us. Therefore, we hope to see you soon.

How to Play 243 Crystal Fruits Slot

Slot games have existed since the time people invented games that one could play in an arcade or a casino. The reason they have withstood the test of time is because of their simplicity. Indeed, there is nothing complicated about a slot game. First, there is no rule book to run through. Second, you need not practise at all. Finally, there is no strategy component. In fact, all it needs is the ability of a person to enjoy themselves. Consequently, if you are not a complete bore, you should enjoy such games. The basic underlying concept in every slot game is simple. There are multiple symbols on the reels. Then once you spin it, you get them in order on paylines. If you get similar symbols across the paylines, it helps you win.

In the 243 Crystal Fruits Slot, there are the fruit symbols made of crystals, as mentioned before. Also, there is a red 7 symbol. In addition to these, there is the Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbol comes in the form of diamond and is generally bigger than the adjoining symbols. In the same way as in other games, it replaces all other symbols, thereby giving you more chances to win.

Thus, the gameplay is very straightforward and everyone can enjoy and understand this game. Also, the variance is medium. Thus, even intermediate players are encouraged to play this game. In addition to the standard slot wins, there are opportunities for some bonuses as well that come courtesy of both the developers and Royalzee.

Bonus Rounds

When slot games first came into existence, bonus features were not part of the gameplay. However, many developers quickly realised that seeing the same symbols over and over without having a chance to win even bigger can be a drag. Hence, many developers introduced bonus features in their games.

The 243 Crystal Fruits Slot is no exception to that trend. This comes in the form of a respin. In fact, getting the Wild is the trigger. If you get a wild in a winning combination, you get a bonus of 243 Respins. This changes the 5 paylines to 243 instead. Thus, the chances to win increase significantly.

What makes this feature even more special is that the reels are cascading. Therefore, once you win, that combination disappears and new symbols cascade from the top. Hence, you can keep forming new winning combinations across the paylines without having to keep spinning. In fact, this keeps on going until the time there are no winning combinations. The multiplier can increase by 1 on each cascade. However, there is an upper limit of 5 on the multiplier.

Taking all of it together, this is a great game to play. First, there are fruit symbols that are familiar. But they have been spiced up in crystal form. Second, there are cascading reels and increased paylines that can let you win much more. Finally, the slot component of the game is not overawed by flashy graphics. In conclusion, it is a great game to play, made even better at Royalzee.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 5 RTP:96.00%Wild Symbols: Yes
Min Stake: 0.10Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 5-243
Max Stake: 10Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot: No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize: 4000
Max Stake Line: 1 Scatters:Yes Multipliers: Yes