3 Fruits Win Slot

RTP: 96.21%

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  • Game Developed by Playson
  • Fully Compatible with Mobile
  • Stacked Icons for Bigger Wins
  • Scatter Symbols Increase Prizes


  • No Specific Bonus Features

3 Fruits Win Online Slot

3 Fruits Win Slot at Royalzee

Royalzee is a relatively new online casino and a favourite destination for seasoned gamers. We offer a wide range of slot games, accessible on multiple devices, quick payments, and efficient customer service. Royalzee is a reliable online casino that provides fair and equal opportunities and an unbeatable casino experience. Visit Royalzee and check out the awesome games. Get games from top gaming companies, the countless bonuses, and promotions throughout the year on Royalzee. The 3 Fruits Win Slot is the latest offering of Playson featured in our fruity slot casino list. This is a 5 reel, 10 paylines fruity slot with interesting features and attractive rewards.

Slots are one of the finest offerings of online casinos. Slots can come with either fixed jackpots or progressive jackpots. They may also come with single and multiple paylines that determine the winner. But, Most slots have paylines ranging between 9 and 30. The golden rule of slots is that the more the paylines, the better are your chances of winning. Classic slot machines have 3 reels with colourful symbols. Also, they spin around and stop when the reel stops to reveal a sequence. After that, the final sequence of the slot reveals the winner.

Challenge yourself through Royalzee’s spectacular collection of games. Enjoy mobile, online and bonus slots, including 3 Fruits Win Slot. At Royalzee, you can deposit the amount and choose the slot you wish to play. The application will guide you through an unforgettable slot gaming journey. In addition, you can access the best slots with world-class graphics and impressive visuals at Royalzee from anywhere on any device and take home a jackpot!

About 3 Fruits Win Slot

3 Fruits Win Slot, a recent addition to the classic fruity themed slot game series, has managed to feature among the most popular slots in online casinos. Playson, who has been developing top casino games since 2012, has developed this game. The game was released by Playson on 9th May 2019. The association with the fruit based theme dates to the 20th century. At that time, gaming machines used to give out sweets and flavoured gum as rewards. Therefore, fruits became synonymous with slot machines. Players felt at ease with the fruity slot games making it a favourite among online slots.      

In general, the game has a 5 reel layout with 10 pay lines instead of the traditional 3 reel layout. This combination has a good chance of landing more wins. True to its name, 3 or more symbols must match to secure a win. The game has good visual appeal with a dark background, vibrant colors for fruits, red 7’s and the star scatter symbol. Although the graphics are simple, the symbol line up during a win is nicely animated.

The game controls appear on the bottom of the screen blending perfectly against the purple background. The button for spinning is unique and a stand out feature of the 3 Fruits Win Slot. The 3 Fruits Win Slot offers the perfect package for gamers with its classic icons in high-resolution, and engaging sound effects.

 This game is a new entrant in the slot game scene. The 3 Fruits Win Slot has managed to capture the attention of the online casino player base with its cool features and familiar setting.

How to Play

Spinning reels can never be more fun than at Royalzee’s online slot games. Once you register on our site, you will be transported to a world of the best online slots in the industry. After that, take your pick from the classic slots to the sleek modern ones. You have a great chance to win a jackpot in the fruity slots. And do not forget to check out our enticing Welcome Package! The chances of winning in a slot are purely based on luck driven by the random number that spins the reels on the machine. However, if the number matches with the symbols on the screen, lo and behold, you win a jackpot.

3 Fruits Win Slot is an ideal slot game for beginners as the developers have created the game to suit players of all levels and competency. Above all, the controls are clearly laid out and simple to use for novice gamers. You can place the maximum bet with a simple click of the max bet button or change the bet type through the bet change arrows.

Like any other slot game, you can start by setting up your preferred bet amount. Then, click on the red button to start spinning the reels. All 5 reels will begin to spin, activating the 10 pay lines. However, you need only 3 matching symbols to win the game. Isn’t winning in 3 Fruits Win Slot a piece of cake!

Bonus Rounds

Most gamers look to win big rewards through bonus slots. Several slot games offer bonus slot prizes and progressive rewards. So, players choose the best bonus slots and attempt to win big jackpots.

All new players can avail of a welcome package at Royalzee up to £1000 and 100 free spins. Interestingly, a deposit match bonus is also a popular feature of the welcome package. Once the player makes the first deposit, the bonus feature will reward him with an equivalent amount to his balance. The next type of bonus is the free spins bonus offered with a deposit. This feature grants you a certain number of free spins free of cost.  

3 Fruits Win Slot is a straightforward slot game with a feature list like any other slot game. It does not have a specific bonus feature. However, the scatter symbol is depicted by a gold star. It pays an amount multiplied by the highest possible bet amount. This symbol drives the game’s most valuable wins.

Notably, another feature you will find in 3 Fruits Win Slot is the maximum win feature. If you obtain the number 7 symbol in all 5 reels, you land the jackpot, adding 25000 coins to your account. A unique feature of the 3 Fruits Win Slot that is not a part of its predecessors is the stacked icons feature. This enables the stacking of similar icons on the reels, enhancing the chances for securing an enormous win. 3 Fruits Win Slot is the perfect classic old-fashioned fruity slot enhanced with clever, new features. Visit Royalzee online casino to check out this latest release from Playson and enjoy an extraordinary slot gaming experience.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 5RTP:96.21%Wild Symbols: No
Min Stake: 0.10Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 10
Max Stake: £100Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot: No
Min Stake Line: 0.1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize: 25000 Coins
Max Stake Line: £10 Scatters:Yes Multipliers: Yes