Ace of Spades Slot

RTP: 95.94%

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  • Game Developed by Play'n GO
  • Some Great Features and Extras
  • High Quality Graphics and Audio
  • Available Now on iOS and Android


  • A Rare Online Slot Game
  • Hard to Find at Online Casinos

Ace of Spades Online Slot

Royalzee’s Ace of Spades Slot

Giving players a huge choice in online casino games is one of our key points here at Royalzee Casino. However, that collection would not be complete without the Ace of Spades slot. Therefore, being added to our fantastic collection of slot games. Joining over 600 high-quality titles also shows the fantastic quality we expect on our platform. However, only members can enjoy the fantastic range of online casino games. Becoming a member is simple and requires the completion of our sign up process. But once complete, you are able to enjoy this classic slot as well as any of our other titles.

Offering a true take on traditional slot games, these fantastic online casino titles shows where the games originated. The game gives a very simple interface, yet shows the great quality and modern aspects that online slot games bring. Replicating some of the features of physical slot machines, the Ace of Spades slot reminds players of the vintage game. Using sound effects and backing music to tie in the game, gives players a fully immersive game experience. The slot game may be simple looking but it packed with the latest features that online slot games offer. Check out the simple gameplay for yourself and see if you enjoy the vintage style of the first online casino slot games.

About Ace of Spades Slot

With this game being first released in April 2015, it has been around for a number of years. However, thanks to the game developers, Play’n Go, it holds its own in the ranks of popular slot games. Being one of the best know developers in the market has its pro’s and cons. Although they are known for putting out some of the most popular titles. Offering one as simple as the Ace of Spades slot is always a risk. However, with the quality that always shows from their games, this slot has shone through as a simple gem. Realising that modern game can be confusing with all the controls. Offering simple game can really shine through and give the player a great amount of entertainment and enjoyment.

Taking players back to a time when slot game only had 3 reels, that is what is offered. However, with the game being offered by Play’n Go, it gives the high quality that players expect. With the board backed in a green shine from the centre, it gives a simple but effective vibe to the game. However, theming the game on vintage machines has given it some quirky features. The logo of the game takes pride in place above the reels. However, one of the main differences is the paytable. As a result, this is displayed to the right and also highlight the winning combinations that are landed. One of the most recognisable aspects of the game is the controls laid out across the bottom of the display. Having this allows for both new and existing slot gamers to enjoy this beautifully simple game.

How to Play Ace of Spades Slot

Generally speaking, slot games are some of the easiest games to play. However, over the years they have got more complicated. Therefore, with the Ace of Spades slot showing aspects of the traditional games, it is very easy to play. The first step is picking the size of the coin that you want to bet. Some modern games also allow for the number of paylines and also the number of coins to be picked. However, you are then ready to set the reels in motion. With the aim being to get winning combinations when they stop. As a result, you will be given a reward which will vary depending on the icons that are landed. With the Ace of Spades slot displaying all of the icons to the right of the reels, it is easy to see which ones will give good payouts.

Usually, modern slot games would offer a number of reels with a number of rows all displaying icons. However, taking players back to a simpler time, the Ace of Spades slot only offer 3 reels. With each reel only displaying a single icon, it allows for 1 payline. The coin size can be adjusted from 0.25 up to 15 giving some great returns when the higher icons are landed. As a result, landing the spades symbol is the highest paying, but you can see other icons as well. These include crowns, K, Q, J and four-leaf clovers. If you do land a winning line, the combination that you have landed will be highlighted in the paytable to the right.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds have revolutionised the online slot industry. Therefore, it is common to see players looking for the most lucrative bonus rounds over the actual gameplay. With the variation that comes with slot games, there is also the same variation in bonus rounds. As a result, the market has seen some truly innovative bonuses introduced. Some common aspects are shared among modern games, with special symbols used to activate them. As a result, if a game offers a jackpot, it is often the bonus rounds that offer the route to them. However, if there is no jackpot on offer, the games maximum win will often take the place. Therefore, the bonus rounds are often the most lucrative aspect of slot games.

With the Ace of Spades slot being a devoted tribute to the simple games, there are no extra bonuses on offer. However, there are some features that will help players in getting the 2,500x maximum win that the game offers. This all revolves around the Ace symbol that is in the game. As it acts as a wild symbol, it has some special attributes. Landing it in a line will change it to become one to help a win. As a result, it also doubles the win that you can get. Landing 2 in a row will quadruple the win you get. However, landing 3 in a row will give one of the games most lucrative payouts.

Although the bonus features are very simple, the game gleams with a traditional play style. Therefore, giving players a fully immersive experience of vintage online slot games.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 3RTP: 95.94% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.25Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 1
Max Stake: 15Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:2500
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:NoMultipliers:Yes