Aeterna Slot

RTP: 96.19%

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  • Innovative New Way to Play
  • Unlimited Maximum Win Available
  • Bonus Symbols Lead to Bonus Rounds
  • Free Spins Round Included in Game
  • Cascade Wins Feature Available


  • Will Need to Learn to Play
  • Can Be Awkward If Not Used to The Gameplay

Aeterna Online Slot

Royalzee’s Aeterna Slot

One of the main aims here at Royalzee Casino is to provide a packed library of the best and most unique slot games possible. As a result, when Aeterna slot first hit the market, we knew we had to get it stocked for our players. This game stands out in our online casino game library of over 600 fantastic titles. With only the best for our members, you will have to be signed up in order to enjoy this game. Complete our sign up process to become a member and be able to join our community of online casino gamers.

Offering players a space-age experience throughout, Aeterna slot is completely unique to the market. With nothing comparable to regular slot games. The difference is noticed immediately giving a circular play interface. The space-age theme is shown through the gameplay, bringing a brand new kind of gameplay to the industry. With the slot game traditions being hard set, this game throws the rule book in the bin and tries something brand new. The game has some reminders of the space games of the ’70s, spiralling from the middle to the outside. Using some of the high definition images and icons has helped make the game an exciting yet interesting title to try. Bonus features are offered within the game but as the gameplay is so different, they also work in a different way.

About Aeterna Slot

This unique title was first seen in October 2020, starting the revolutionary gameplay online. Trying something that is the opposite of regular slot games is a massive risk. However, the developers 1×2 Gaming have done an amazing job making a break in the industry. With many high-quality titles already under their belt, their years of experience have gone into making Aeterna slot. Showing the same high quality that their other titles show, therefore, a great attempt at something completely new.

Using a high-quality background image of a galaxy, you can get the feel of the game straight away. However, this is where any comfort of slot game playing may end. You will soon be met with a circular play interface with a star shape in the centre. This is where you will have 7 icons displayed. The gameplay is vastly different from slot games but is simple once you know how it works. Using background music reminiscent of space, it works perfectly with the game. The controls of the game consist of a single button, with the bet options menu, placed just above.

We cannot be certain if this game will be a hit, as it is so different from regular slot games players love playing. However, games this unique will always pique interest in many players. As a result, it is expected to do very well, to begin with.

How to Play Aeterna Slot

In general, slot games are very easy to play. With the process not changing since they were transferred to online play. Players must choose the size of the coin they want to put at stake. However, some games allow for more options like the number of coins bet per line and also the number of lines active. When these are set, you are ready to spin the reels. Usually, the idea is to get some matching combinations when they come to a stop. Therefore, this is when you are rewarded with the prize amount. This amount will vary depending on which symbols you land in the match. Games offered at online casinos will always include an information panel that shows the value of the icons in the game.

The Aeterna slot has a Circular shape to the layout, offering a star with 7 shapes shown. The idea of the game is to get matching colours in 3’s across the central star. One feature that is familiar is the ability to change the coin size before you bet. Therefore, allowing bets from 0.10 up to 50. One of the unique things that the game offers is the way it pays out. Therefore, using what they call a paypath instead of paylines. This may be down to them only having 7 icons on show at any one point. As a result, throwing the rulebook completely out the window.

The Aeterna slot does not include any wilds or scatter icons but does have a bonus symbol. This is what is used to launch the extra features that the game includes.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are one of the best aspects to come to the online gaming market since it was launched. Bringing new ways to play and win to the boring spinning the games offer. In regular slot games, there are icons with special characteristics that improve your gameplay. There are commonly known as the wilds and scatters of the game. It is common to see that they will often lead to the bigger wins in the game and jackpots that are connected. With the game market being so diverse, it has led to some fantastic bonus rounds for players to enjoy.

With the Aeterna slot being completely unique to any other slot games the bonuses also reflect this. There is only one icon within the game that can activate any bonus rounds. As a result, filling a line with the symbols will start one of the bonus rounds. The most impressive bonus round is the cascade wins system. Every time a win is landed, more icons will take up the spaces, giving a continuous chance of winning. There is also a free spins round that is included within the games. As a result, the features included really boost the entertainment factor as well as the potential winnings.

Being a completely new way to play the game, it is hard to compare it to other slot games. However, it still serves the same core purpose of breaking up the gameplay. Also following the trend of offering the highest rewards when the bonuses are active.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 7 SpacesRTP: 95.00% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.10Auto-Play Available:NoNo of Paylines: Paypath
Max Stake: 50Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize:Unlimited
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:NoMultipliers:No