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Age of Conquest Slot

Age of Conquest Slot Game

Royalzee’s Age of Conquest Slot

One of the things the pleases us the most here at Royalzee Casino, is being able to offer our players an extensive collection of slot games. To do this we are constantly looking for the next big title within the online casino industry. As a result, the Age of Conquest slot was brought to our attention. Seeing that it offers the high-quality gaming that our players love, we knew it had to be included in our library. With our collection of games only being offered to our members, you will have to get a membership in order to play. Therefore, you will have to sign up and complete the process to be able to play the fantastic games.

The fantasy theme is one that has been used before, but not quite like the Age of Conquest slot. Using some traditional methods of play, as well as some thoroughly modern features, it offers the best of all worlds. The highly detailed visuals used will mesmerise you while playing. While the sound effects and background music really help set the feel of the game. As a result, as the game is a modern masterpiece, it works on both mobile and desktop internet browsers. Allowing for the mobile slot games players to enjoy the great new title. Will you be able to help them conquer the land?

About Age of Conquest Slot

The fantasy battle started in June 2020, meaning that the Age of Conquest slot is one of the latest games out there. As a result, you can be sure it uses the very latest software from the developers. Being produced by one of the biggest developers in the market, Microgaming, it has the high quality expected. As they have been known to produce some of the biggest games that players still play, this game is sure to please expecting players also. We already stock a huge number of their most known titles, however, we are sure that this one will top them all.

Offering the well known 5 reel layout for the game, it is easily recognisable to any previous slot gamer. Showing off just how detailed the title is, the background shows a peaceful land with a huge castle atop a small crest. The reels are also as detailed, with a golden decorative surround. However, across the top of the reels you will find a number of diamond shapes, these are used within the game as part of the features. To keep things easy for players, the controls are laid out across the bottom of the game display. The simple design of the controls means the game can easily be played on a smartphone device.

With the modern features that the game offers, it’s no wonder that it has become a highly played title. As a result, our players showing that the Age of Conquest slot does have the great slot game aspect they look for.

How to Play Age of Conquest Slot

Being known for just how easy they are to play, modern-day slot games require very minimal input from players. The process players follow has not changed much since they were first introduced. The first step that must be taken is deciding the coin range. If there are other settings like the paylines and coin numbers then they must also be chosen. However, once you are pleased with the bet, you can spin the reels. When they come to a stop, you will be rewarded with a prize if you get a combination of icons. This prize will range in value depending on the icons that you have landed.

The Age of Conquest slot uses the basic process that most other slots also follow. Therefore, giving players a 5×3 game layout. This allows Microgaming to implement 20 paylines across the game. This is another factor that makes the game so popular, the 20 different ways of winning while spinning the reels. The coin sizes range from 0.20 up to 200 allowing for some impressive stake to be placed. The icons used all show traits of the fantasy theme, with the standard playing card values being given a fantasy touch. The other icons all relate to the conquest, with a number of the best icons being the female warriors. These also play as the wild and scatter icons from within the game.

Bonus Rounds

Being one of the most innovative parts of a modern slot game, the bonus round are also the most lucrative for players. As a result, they often give the player some fantastic rewards in connection to the rounds. Therefore, the game maximum reward is often related to a bonus feature. This can also be said about jackpots that are not given randomly. With the rounds not using the regular rules of the game, you will have to learn how to play them before you take part. It is also common to have the bonus rounds connected to the bonus icons in the game.

The Age of Conquest slot has a number of bonus features, with the diamonds on top of the reels being the most notable. Filling the 2 diamonds for each reel will make the reel turn wild for the next 2 spins. This can allow for some huge wins with the wilds is one of the highest paying icons. There is also a free spins round, however, this comes with a choice. With the game adding wilds in with the spins, you must choose a lower number of spins for more wilds or a lower number of wilds for more spins. As a result, you can lead up to some massive wins with a max of 25 free spins given.