Age of Legends Slot Game

Royalzee’s Age of Legends Slot

To be named as the best place to play online casino games here at Royalzee Casino, there is a couple of things we must do. One of these is to constantly add the latest online casino slot games. Therefore, giving our players the best range of games possible. The collection would not be complete without the Age of Legends slot. Of course, those who are already members of our online casino service will be able to play this great new addition. However, if you are not a member, you can become one by signing up and completing the full process. This will give you access to not only this great new game but all of our high quality games.

Offering a mythology theme, this great game allows players to enjoy the traditions of the slot gaming kind. Although this kind of theme has been used in slot games before, this slot game title offers is it an elegant way. As a result, players are immersed into the world of the ancient Greek gods. However, it is not just the theme that gives this feeling to players. Therefore, the soundtrack of the game works well to keep you interested, with sound effects to enhance the spins and buttons presses of the game. It is often these small details that make games like the Age of Legends slot become a firm favourite of online players.

About Age of Legends Slot

The Greek mythology marvel was first seen in the public casino industry in July 2015. Being one of the first games on offer from the small game developer, Anakatech. It can be hard for smaller developers to try and break onto the scene, however, a quality title like this is a fantastic start. Showing all the aspects that modern day slot game players love to see, it is a welcomed addition to our collection. We have a few other of their titles stocked here, but this one looks to be the best of them all.

Using some very recognisable traits, the Age of Legends slot offers players 5 reels to play with. However, the theme is what strikes you the most when playing. Surrounding the reels you will find an elegant godly boarder, helping make the reels stand out. The background image displays the land of the Greek gods, showing in stunning detail. To keep things simple, the controls of the game are spread out across the lower part of the display. This can allow for those who have played slots before to easily jump into the enjoyment. All of this makes for a stunning slot game title, however there are a couple of bonus features included as well.

With everything that this beautifully simple slot game has to offer, there is no surprise it has become a favourite of our players.

How to Play Age of Legends Slot

Slot games have undergone little change over the years that they have been on offer. With the transition to being offered online being the biggest. As a result, the easy way that they were played also carried on through the digital age. Players will have to choose the amount that they want to put at stake. This is done by adjusting the setting like the coin size, the number of paylines and the number of coins per line. With these all set, you are ready to spin the reels. When they finally come to a halt, you will be rewarded for getting a winning combination. The value of the reward depends on which symbols have been landed in the combination.

The Age of Legends slot is very traditional in terms of following these basic principles. As a result players are given the range of icons across a 5×3 layout. This allows for their to be a good number of icons on display across the 20 paylines the titles includes. This gives a total of 20 different ways to win while playing the base game. The coin sizes that players can use start from 0.01 up to 100, giving a decent range to play with. The icons used are also traditional, being the top values from a deck of playing cards. However, the Greek god mythology pops up again with some symbols representing this. These are the higher paying ones, with a couple of them also acting like the wild and scatter icons within the game.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are some of the best additions to slot games in recent years. They help stop the boredom that sets in from playing the same game over and over again. You will usually find that if a game has a maximum win or a jackpot, the bonus rounds are the way forward. As a result, they need to be activated. This is done using the scatters and wilds that slog games include in their play. However, with such a huge range in the design of slot games, there is also a huge range in the bonuses. Therefore, reading up on how each one of played beforehand is invaluable to players.

Although the Age of Legends slot looks like a purely simple slot game, the looks can be deceiving. As a result, it has a couple of fantastic bonus features for players to enjoy while playing. Firstly is the well loved free spins round of the game. This can be activated by landing 3 or more of the gods staff. You will be given a number of free spins depending on how many icons you land. These kinds of rounds are always popular among the most modern slot games players. This game also includes a gamble features, which will allow you to stake all your winnings on the toss of a coin. However, this can double what you can potentially receive.

Although these game features are seen in other titles, they work well in this simple slot game. Not only adding the to enjoyment, but giving a great slot game experience for everyone that plays.