Agent Destiny Slot Game

Royalzee’s Agent Destiny Slot

Giving our players a unique and enjoyable online casino experience is what we do best here at Royalzee. Therefore, as interesting titles are released into the market, we want to include them in what we offer. As a result, when seeing the Agent Destiny slot, we knew it had to be in our library. As we ready offer hundreds of high-quality slot games, this will be taking its place among the collection. However, to get the most from this, you will have to be a member of our online casino service. To become one you will need to complete our full sign up process.

The unique theme given by the Agent Destiny slot is that of a secret agent, however, it is displayed in a one of a kind way. Using the design of a comic book, it gives the game an extra enjoyment factor over the gameplay. The visuals are not the only thing on offer in this title, therefore, giving some of the latest slot game features. Showing some of the most modern slot game features is another step to making the game a much-loved title. Another drawing factor to this great new game is the ability to play on mobile. As a result, the latest slot games technology allows for the titles to be enjoyed on a smartphone as well as a desktop computer.

About Agent Destiny Slot

Another factor of the Agent Destiny slot that shows it is a modern slot game is its release. Having only launched into the market in May 2020, it has some of the very latest game features players love. This could be down to the developers, Play’n Go. With the years of experience they have gained in the game developing market, they know exactly what players love to see in the games they play. They are also known for some of the best games available today, showing high quality in every title they offer. As we have a good number of there titles stocked here, the Agent Destiny slot will fit in nicely with what is already on offer.

Although the game looks amazing quality, it does offer some recognisable gameplay. Therefore, you are presented with 5 reels to display the detailed icons. The background image used keeps the comic book theme by displaying the illustrated scenes as you would expect while reading one. Keeping the layout of the Agent Destiny slot very simple, there is nothing else shown on the screen except the game controls. These are found at the very bottom of the game display and have been thought through. Therefore, they can be easily pressed while playing on a device with a touch screen. However, the most exciting part is the fantastic bonus rounds that the game is connected to. Giving a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience.

How to Play Agent Destiny Slot

Online slot games offer a very simple technique to the way the game is played. The first step is to determine the bet you want to place. This involves deciding the size of the coin that you want to bet. This is done by using the game’s controls. One of the other settings that some games allow is the number of coins per line and the number of lines per spin. However, once they are all set the reels can begin spinning. The aim of the game is to have some matching icons when they stop. Therefore, they will give a player a reward which will vary depending on the icons that you have managed to match.

This simple way of playing is present in the Agent Destiny slot. Using the well known 5×3 game layout provides a nice wide view of all the reels and icons. The game includes a total 20 paylines in which players can win. Therefore, the coin sizes offered range from 0.10 up to 100. But this is not the best factor, as players can place a total of 10 coins per spin. This feature can really up the stakes when it comes to the bets placed. The icons used within the gameplay include the standard playing card values. However, there are some higher paying icons available to play with. These represent characters from the Agent Destiny slot world and include the bad guy and the agent himself.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are some of the most looked at aspects of the online slot game world. When they were first introduced they revolutionised the online slot world. Giving a much-needed boost to the repetitive gameplay that the games offer. As a result, game developers have found some very innovative ways to use them. As a result, those games that include a jackpot will use a bonus round to get the prize. This is also the case when it comes to the maximum wins of the game. The most common way to activate the bonus rounds is by using the wild symbols. Therefore, landing a number of these will often activate the bonus rounds in some way.

The Agent Destiny slot also includes a number of fantastic bonus rounds for players. The linked reels feature allows any reels with a safe in between to become connected and work as a winning combination. This can help give rewards when you may have thought none were due. As a result, it can be very lucrative when linking the higher winning icons in the game. The Agent Destiny slot also uses a mega symbol option for players allowing some icons to cover multiple spaces on the reels. This can prove to give the maximum reward for players if you manage to land a wild mega symbol. This is because the wild is the highest paying icon in the game.

Of course, there is also a free spins round included in the game. This is activated by landing the scatter icon in the corresponding reels. You will then be given 9 free spins to use to play with, giving a great amount of returns.