Alaskan Fishing Slot Game

Royalzee’s Alaskan Fishing Slot

We love offering our players the most unique slot games that you can find online. As a result, our library of online casino titles is forever growing here at Royalzee Casino. The latest game to be included in our fantastic range is the Alaskan Fishing slot. The fishing frenzy is available to all of the members of our online casino service. If you do not have a membership, you will be able to get one by fully completing our sign up process. This will give you access to our whole library of the best quality slot games including the Alaskan Fishing slot. Will you be able to hook the prized catch?

Bringing players a completely unique theme, the game appeals to not only slot game players but people who love to fish. Setting the scene in Alaska, it gives a great amount of freedom to players with its theme. Giving the more traditional methods of play a good update. The frenzy fishing style slot shows the industry how it has included some of the most modern slot games features. Using these with its theme to give players a completely unique take on a modern slot game. As a result, you will find not only bonuses but also aids to help make the gameplay experience even better. Therefore, we a pleased that we are able to offer it to our existing range of players.

About Alaskan Fishing Slot

The first cast for the big prize was in November 2009, therefore, showing how quality can help keep a game in the popularity ranks. With one of the biggest game developers behind the title. It is no wonder that it is still a much-played game after so many years. Microgaming is known for offering unique themes with the latest in slot gaming software. As a result, the Alaskan Fishing slot shows what they are all about. With the title showing immense detail in everything from the icons to the layout of the game. Therefore, this is a perfect example of what the developer is known for in the industry.

The theme of the game is evident across the whole title. With the 5 reels displayed in a wooden dock type structure. The background of the game sets the scene with the Alaskan trees and water line being at the top of the image. This gives the rest of the game that underwater fishy feel. The graphics used are simple yet mature, offering brightly coloured illustrations. To keep things simple, the game controls are spread across the bottom of the display. However, to add to the enjoyment level, the buttons to control the game are all different bait types. This is not all, as to add to the excitement, the background music of the game kicks in giving themed sound effects while playing.

As the Alaskan Fishing slot provides such a fantastic slot gaming experience, it is one to be added to your list. Offering everything our players love to see, it is showing the signs of becoming a future classic.

How to Play Alaskan Fishing Slot

Slot games have become known for how easy they are to play. With the process not changing since they were invented. However, being online allows for many extra options to be implemented. As a result, players must first choose their coin size. With other settings like the number of paylines and the number of coins, that must also be set. Once complete, you are then ready to spin the reels, in the hopes that they land on a winning combination. Therefore, being rewarded the value of the combination. With the icons having different values, the rewards will have different amounts. The full list of values can be seen in the game help panel.

With the Alaskan Fishing Slot using the traditional basics of play, it is easy to pick up for both new and experienced players. The 5×3 game layout offers a wide view of the game grid. The coin sizes that you can place range from 0.30 up to 15. However, it is the paylines in the game that impresses by offering a total of 243. This means the game has a huge number of ways the player can win per spin.

The icons that are used are bright and well designed leaving no confusion. Being tied to the theme they include the wildlife and gear used while fishing in Alaska. However, the highest paying icon and also the wild of the game is the fisherman icon. Being connected to an innovative bonus feature, he is one to aim for. The game logo and tackle box icons are also ones you should be looking for as they have special properties to them.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds and features have changed the way in which slot games are played since they have been introduced. Often connected to a jackpot or the games maximum win, the rewards from these rounds can vary. With game developers tying them into the themes, they have all taken on lives of their own. Therefore, you will commonly see rounds that are unique to the title. However, you will commonly find that the bonuses can be activated by using the wild and scatter icons that the game uses. Although many of the features games offer seem different, they all share similar aspects, therefore, making them easier to understand.

The most innovative bonus feature included in the Alaskan Fishing slot is the Fly Fishing Finesse round. This is activated by landing the fisherman icon in the corresponding reels. This will then launch into a screen offering you a choice of nine fishing spots. You must not only pick the best spot but also the right tackle to use. However, if you get this choice right then the reward is given. This can reach a massive amount of 1,215,000 coins. Another great round included in this Alaskan fishing gem is the free spins round. This is launched when you land 3 or more of the tackle boxes. As a result, you will be awarded 15 free spins to use. This can be triggered again and again making it a fantastic round for players.