Alchemy Blast Slot Game

Royalzee’s Alchemy Blast Slot

One thing we love here at Royalzee Casino is providing the most unique games available online. As a result, we continue to add to our massive collection of game, with the latest being the Alchemy Blast slot. As we aim to provide only the very best titles available. This fantastic new addition shows all the high-quality details that our players love to see. However, to be able to play it, you will have to have a membership here at our online casino. Therefore, getting one is a matter of completing our full signing up process. Once done, this will enable you to play some of the best games that we have to offer.

Giving players unique gameplay can be risky in the slot game market, however, the Alchemy Blast slot manages this. As a result, giving a game that is not only innovative but enjoyable to play. Using the latest online casino slot games software, it displays in fantastic high quality. Therefore, it can be enjoyed across multiple devices including personal computers and smartphones. However, it is not only this that impresses with this title. As a result of the modern aspects that the game offers, it also includes some great bonuses. Therefore, giving a fantastic online casino gaming experience. One feature that only adds to the experience that you receive is the sound effects and backing music. Offering the mystical feel that the Alchemy Blast slot aims for, it does this perfectly.

About Alchemy Blast Slot

The mystic alchemy themed game was first launched into the lime light in September 2020. Since then the features and unique gameplay has given the Alchemy Blast slot a boost in its popularity. However, this could also be down to the sheer quality of the title. Thanks to one of the industries biggest developers Microgaming. The game offers players some of the best game elements that they are best known for. While also being something that is unique and enjoyable. As a result, we are pleased to be adding it to our already massive collection of their games that we stock.

The unique gameplay that the Alchemy Blast slot offers is evident from the start with the 6 reel layout. The high quality can also be seen from the beginning with the visuals used. The background of the game appears as an alchemists library and workshop. Displayed across the top you will see the alchemist along with different colour indicators. Unusually, across the bottom of the game display, you will find a bubbling cauldron. This is where the coloured icons come from for the game. To the right of this is a glowing glass container which is also used within the game. The controls can be found across purple borders at the top and bottom of the title. Therefore, allowing for simple and easy gameplay for players.

Because of the unique layout and gameplay that is offered, the Alchemy Blast slot has shown to be a favourite by our players. Using a fantastic theme to offer some amazing features, it can only continue to improve in its popularity.

How to Play Alchemy Blast Slot

As slot games were known for their easy gameplay, this was followed to the online versions. Therefore, the gameplay is just as simple in modern games. The first step players must take is deciding how much you want to bet. Therefore, a number of setting can be made including coin size, payline and number of coins. Once you have made all of these setting and are happy with your bets, you can begin the spins. This looks great however, it is when they stop you must take notice. If the game reveals some matching combinations, you are due a reward. However, this will vary depending on the icons that you have landed. This is because the icons have different values.

The Alchemy Blast slot follows some of these traditional rules, however, gives something new. Giving a 6×5 layout of icons which allows for unique gameplay. The game does not include any paylines as the idea is to get 3 or more matching icons connected in a line. This is known as cluster pays. However, you can change the size of the coin placed with the game offering a good range. This range is from 0.8 up to 100, giving a great amount of choice for players. All of the icons used are small circular shapes with different icons carved into them. However, it is the colours that allow them to be easily differentiated and the matches to be seen.

Similar to modern slot games, the Alchemy Blast slot includes a couple of bonus icons. These have special features connected to them allowing for an even better experience for players.

Bonus Rounds

Being the most innovative features to hit the online casino industry. Bonus rounds completely changed the games. Offering new and exciting ways to play, they offer players an enhanced slot gaming experience. These bonus rounds range in a vast way, often being connected to the gameplay and theme of the games. A few things have become common aspects of bonus rounds however. One of which is the maximum wins offered in slot games. This is also the same for games that are connected to jackpots. With these fantastic wins being included within bonuses. One way that these rounds are activated is the bonus icons in the game. Therefore, landing a number of these will often launch you into a bonus round.

The first feature to note is the coloured segments above the reels in the Alchemy Blast slot. Filling these with the corresponding colours while playing will give you set prizes. As a result, can be won several times while continuing the enjoyment offered. There is also a bonus game that is included within the game. This gives you free spins to use, while also allowing the maximum win to be offered for players. It does this by offering a 5x multiplier to all the wins that have landed. As a result, the maximum win that can be gained while playing is a 1000x your stake.