Alkemor's Tower Slot Game

Royalzee’s Alkemor’s Tower Slot

To keep our dedicated members on their toes, we continually add great new titles to our game collection here at Royalzee. One of the latest is the Alkemor’s Tower Slot. When seeing just how great this new slot game title is, we knew it had to be included in our library. As a result, taking its place among some of the other highest quality names in the market. With all of these slot games being on offer to our members, you will have to be one to enjoy what it offers. Becoming a member here is not complicated and only requires you to fully complete our sign up process. Doing this will enable you to enjoy the fantasy wonders of the Alkemor’s Tower slot as well as many other of our titles.

The effort that has gone into the game display for the Alkemor’s Tower slot is very impressive. Therefore using some of the cutting edge online casino technology seen in the slot game market. The 3D graphics that is incorporated does a fantastic job at making the game enjoyable and exciting. Setting the players into the fantasy feel instantly with the small details on show. However, the visuals are not the only ingredient in the mix. As a result, the background music and the fantastic sound effects only add to the experience that players can get. Not only that, but the game has more to offer in the form of bonuses. With everything on offer, the bonuses that are included are the icing on the cake.

About Alkemor’s Tower Slot

The wizarding ways of the main character were first seen in November 2015. Showing even games that have been out for some years still offer a quality experience. This may be down to the effort that the game developers put into the title. Being a game from Groove, it shows the top class features they are known for. As we already stock a number of their best-known titles, we are pleased to be adding the Alkemor’s Tower slot into the mix. With the game already showing positive moves, we hope it becomes the most popular title we offer.

The Alkemor’s Tower slot pays tribute to the traditional slots by giving a 5 reel layout. However, it is the other details that catch the eyes first. As a result, you will notice that the reels are nested within a carved book cabinet. This is set between two curved staircases with the wizard stood to the left-hand side. Above the reels you will find the game options button and also the game icon values table. Both can be used at any point while playing. Something that regular playing will recognise is the controls, being given across the bottom of the display. Being themed with the game, add to the immersion that it offers, while also giving you all the controls you need.

As the Alkemor’s Tower slot offers our players some high-end game graphics with enjoyable gameplay. It has already shown to be a hugely loved slot game. Will you be able to also help the wizard in this tower?

How to Play Alkemor’s Tower Slot

Being regarded as some of the easiest but most rewarding games, slot games have come to dominate the online casino industry. As a result, they follow the same basic steps of play that they have for years. The first step players have to take is deciding the bet amount. This is done by adjusting the number of coins and coin size as well as the number of paylines. Although some games may not offer all of these options. However, you will be ready to spin the reels. When they come to a stop, you will want to see some matching combinations of icons to be in for a reward. This reward will vary depending on the icons in your combination. This is where the pay table comes in useful.

The Alkemor’s Tower slot offers players a 5×3 layout of highly detailed icons. With a total of 243 paylines incorporated into the gameplay, it offers players a huge number of ways they can win. The coin sizes that can be placed range from 0.30 up to 150. This is an impressive range of coin sizes for a slot game. Every icon in the game has been illustrated with the theme. Therefore, giving some of the items you associate with wizards. However, each icon is displayed in fantastic detail making every one a treat to look at. All in all, the game offers some of the best gameplay that you can expect from an online slot game.

Bonus Rounds

One of the best elements to come to modern slot games are the bonus rounds. These are added to games to improve the experience that it offers. As a result, many common rules have come from the bonus rounds market. Therefore, the games maximum win is often connected to the additional rounds in the game. This can also be said for those that offer a jackpot. However, it may not be cash prizes that can be won, with free spins and multipliers often given as well. Therefore, improving the enjoyment factor that the online casino slot game has.

The Alkemor’s Tower slot has a number of bonus features on offer for players to enjoy. With a free spin round, it can offer some impressive returns for players to enjoy. Activated by landing a number of the scatter icons, it can be re-triggered. Therefore, meaning you can make this round almost unlimited. The slot game offers a unique feature in the double-up coins. Allowing for double stakes to be won, they are fantastic for players looking for big wins. The book on display in the foreground plays a huge role in the elemental surprise that the title has instore for players.