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Alpha Squad Slot

Alpha Squad Slot Game

Royalzee’s Alpha Squad Slot

We love making our devoted players happy here at Royalzee Casino. One of the ways that we do this by adding some of the very best online casino game titles to our library. With hundreds already on offer, the latest one to be added to our collection is the Alpha Squad slot. To ensure our players have the best possible experience, we continue to add top-quality titles to the collection. As a result, to be able to play this new title along with all of our others, you will have to be a member. Doing so means you must fully complete our sign up process in order to become a member here.

Bringing the comic book superhero genre a new look, the Alpha Squad slot has all the features that our modern players love to see. From fantastic animation to the detailed slot games illustrations used, it offers something for every kind of player. As a result, the developers of the game have gone through the trouble of not only designing a top-class title. But also offering a whole soundtrack to go with the game. Therefore, it only adds to the immersion factor that the game has to offer. However, the game does have other things to offer, in the form of modern game additions and technologies used. As a result, offering our players a thoroughly modern slot gaming interface.

About Alpha Squad Slot

March 2013 is when the Alpha Squad slot first showed up on our screens. Offering an action packed feel in a slot game is a touch one to do, however, the developers have achieved this. Being a product of Genii, it displays some of the major characteristics found in most of their games. However, this title exceeds all others they offer in quality. Therefore, it will only serve to become one of the best titles that we offer from them. As we already have a good number of their slots, it looks to be one of their most popular. Quickly becoming one of their most played games since we added it to our collection.

Having a definite Sci-Fi feel, the Alpha Squad slot uses its superhero comic theme in a unique way. The traditional values of slot games are kept here as the 5 reels layout is used. The reels are surrounded by details that only help make the game what is it. There is a metallic silver background to the reels that display more of the sci-fi detailing. One feature of the slot that is popular is the payline labels. Numbering the playlines can help identify how many are active and which ones land winning combinations. The controls of the game can be found in the regular location, across the bottom of the game display. Therefore, allowing players to change the required setting quickly and easily.

How to Play Alpha Squad Slot

The slot games of modern-day follow the same basic principles of play that the original games also offered. Therefore, the first step that players must make is to decide the size of the coin they want to bet. You may also be able to decide the number of paylines and coins that you can place. As a result, the reels can begin spinning. However, it is when they come to a stop that they will reveal the icons. If you manage to get some winning combinations, you will be given a reward. This reward will have different values depending on the icons that you have landed. This is because the icons within the game all have differing values, which can be found in the paytable which is available.

The Alpha Squad slot uses a 5×3 layout, which has become the most used layout for modern slot games. However, the developers have jammed in a total of 30 possible paylines for players. This gives a good number of chances to win while playing. As a result, the coin sizes that can be bet range from 0.01 up to 45. Meaning the game can be played in a high stakes or low stakes way. what makes this title even better is that up to 15 coins can be placed per bet. Allowing for some huge combination wins to be landed. The icons that are used within the title represent the theme, offing images of the comic book characters as well as other items.

Further adding to the immersion that the game has. A couple of the icons do have some special attributes, giving them power to activate some of the bonuses in the game. With 3 bonus icons including wilds and scatters, the game has everything a modern player could want.

Bonus Rounds

Being a modern element of online slot games, the bonus rounds have been added to improve the gameplay. Therefore, being connected to the theme has allowed for some very unique and innovative rounds. However, with all of the unique rounds, they have some similar elements. As a result, the games maximum win is often won through these bonus rounds. This is also the same as games that offer jackpots, giving access to the huge wins during the modern elements. Players may also find that they are given other prizes while playing the bonuses. One of the most common prizes to be given is the free spins. As you can imagine, the rewards can be great when you don’t have to fund the spins.

The wild icons in the Alpha Squad slot are quite standard, replacing the regular icons to allow for more wins. However the scatter has a unique feature to it, it will speed up the reels and also make wins slightly more likely. This kind of touch can really make the game stand out from the crowd. However, there is also a free spins round on offer. Landing 3 or more of the base icons will launch into the round. As a result, players can get up to 24 bonus spins and a 4x multiplier on a win during the free spins round. Meaning the potential excitement is just stacking up with this title. This can lead to the maximum win of the game, a 90,000 coins jackpot prize.