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Amazing Aztecs Slot

Amazing Aztecs Slot Game

Royalzee’s Amazing Aztecs Slot

To give our online players the very best online casino experience here at Royalzee Casino, there is a couple of things we must do. The most important of all is the games, therefore, we must provide some of the very best slot games to date. This is why we are adding the Amazing Aztecs slot to our already massive collection of games. As a result, our already existing members can enjoy the title right now. However, if you do not have an active membership, you will simply need to complete our full online signup process. This will allow you to enjoy not only this fantastic slot game but every other one in our library.

The Amazing Aztecs slot is exactly what it says, an amazing new game based around the decorative Aztec life. Therefore, bringing a new look into a theme that has been tried before in the online casino world. Using bold colours and vivid decorations, as well as characters recognisable to the era. The game offers all the high-quality details that our players expect. However, along with the visual treat is the game itself. Using some of the latest slot game software to hit the market, it offers players a thoroughly modern gaming experience. This can be seen from the very start with some of the online casino features that are on offer.

About Amazing Aztecs Slot

The Aztec marvels of the Amazing Aztecs slot were first seen in May 2018. Therefore, displaying some of the popularity it has gained from being a modern slot game. However, most of this popularity is down to the developers of the game. Having one of the industry giants involved in the development of the title has helped give it the necessary boost in the online market. Players know what level of quality they produce and it can be seen in the Amazing Aztecs slot. As a result, we are very pleased to be adding it to the already extensive range of games by them. However, will it have what it takes to become their most popular game? It already shows all the fantastic features that other great titles also offer.

Giving players a clean slate, the background of the Amazing Aztecs slot is a distinctive blue colour. With a very minimalist design, it shows a blue wall with occasional spots of moss. However, this is fitting with the ancient Aztec feel that the game has. The 5 reels are bordered by stone carvings of a long serpent. Something which the Aztecs were known for doing. The wide-screen layout that the game uses makes it ideal to be played on both smartphones and personal computers. As a result, displaying in fantastic high definition on both displays. The controls of the game have also been designed with mobile play in mind. Therefore, are displayed to the right of the reels in a touch screen friendly manner.

How to Play Amazing Aztecs Slot

Being known for their simplicity in play style, slot games have come to dominate the industry. Learning how to play is just as easy as finding the game. The first step you must take is to decide how much you want to bet. This is done by setting your coin size with the controls. However, some modern games also allow you to set the number of payline and the number of coins per spin. Once set, you are ready to begin the reels in motion. The main hope is when they come to a stop, revealing if you have any winning combinations. The amount that you win will depend on the icons that you land. As a result, all of the icons in slot games are given different values which can be checked in the information panel.

The Amazing Aztecs slot gives a wide 5×3 grid layout of icons. This only looks so wide because each icon is on a square tile. However, this has not stopped a total of 243 paylines to be included in the game. This give players a huge amount of chances to win while spinning the Aztec reels. The coin sizes range from 0.10 up to 100, however, the best part is that players can place up to 10 coins per spin. As a result, landing a maximum bet spin can return some impressive rewards to the player. The icons that are used in the game reflect the theme, giving symbolic coloured shapes as well as characters from the era.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus features completely changed how players look at online slot games. No longer was it a case of the highest paying game was best. However, the game providing the best bonus features was becoming the preferred title. As a result, bonus features have changed to now have multiple on offer per game. It is also common to find that if a game has a maximum win programmed, it will be the bonus features that lead the way to it. With this, the slot game industry has seen some fantastic bonus features come to light.

Keeping things simple, the Amazing Aztecs slot has no bonus rounds to boast of. However, it does have a couple of interesting features that you can take advantage of. The most impressive of which is the giant re-spin feature. this is a randomly triggered feature that happens after you land a win. As a result, you may see a giant icon land on the board. Sometimes these icons will take up a 2×2 space, however, they can get much bigger. As you would expect, the bigger the symbol, the higher the reward given. However, another feature is included with the game logo icon. As a result, landing 5 of these in a row can reward players with a 10x multiplier. This means that landing one with a maximum bet can be highly rewarding for players.