Angels & Demons Slot Game

Royalzee’s Angels & Demons Slot

Unique online casino games are one of our specialities here at Royalzee Casino. Providing our players with a fantastic platform to play some of the latest and best games. One of the best titles that we offer within our library is the Angels & Demons slot. Joining a whole range of the best-known titles available in the online casino world. We are proud to be able to offer such a fantastic range of games to our players. However, you will need to have an active membership in order to play this great new addition. To get one, you will need to fully complete our sign up process.

Giving players a traditional game with a truly unique theme, the Angels & Demons slot really pushes limits. With gambling being a form of adult entertainment, this is shown in some of the icons that are used. Offering the fantasy theme with a cheeky adult element, it has shown to be a popular title. The slot games world doesn’t offer games like this very often. As a result, showing just what our players love to see. The modern features of the title are shown in some of the aspects of the game. Therefore, offering the title to those that like playing using a smartphone.

About Angels & Demons Slot

The fantasy features of this title were first seen in the online slots industry in January 2019. Therefore, showing just how new the game is. As a result, it can boast of having some of the most recent slot technology behind it. The developer of the game, Groove, have shown some excellent titles in the past. However, none quite show the experimental elements as risky theme quite like this. As we already have a collection of their slot games on offer to our players. We are sure that the Angels & Demons slot will show to be their most popular, due to the modern features that the game has to offer.

Giving players the well known 5 reel layout to the game, it is easily recognised as a traditional based slot game. The background to the game shows a room of two sides, one looks good while the other side looks evil. This split side aspect also shows on the border of the reels. With a decorative stone surround, details are displayed with a blue or red glow. Further going to the Angels & Demons slot theme that the game has to offer. To the right of the reels, you will find a list of the jackpots that the game offers players. However, the most recognisable aspect of this great slot is the controls. Being displayed across the lower part of the screen, they offer all of the controls needed to enjoy the game. The controls are also designed to make the game very easy to play while using a smartphone.

How to Play Angels & Demons Slot

As slot games are generally known for their very easy way to play. This is one of the reasons that they have grown to be one of the most played games. Therefore, to play, you must first decide how much you want to bet. This is done by adjusting the coin size, number of coins and number of paylines. Once you have decided this, you can begin spinning the reels. When they stop spinning, you hope that you have a winning combination of icons. Therefore, getting a match will give you with a reward, which will depend on the icons you have landed on. This is because all the icons have different values, which can be found in the info panel offered.

The Angels & Demons slot uses this general method of play. Therefore, offering the 5×3 layout that players have grown to know. The game includes a healthy number of payline, totalling 30. As a result, giving players a huge number of wins compared to other slot games of this layout. The coin sizes that can be placed on these lines range from 0.05 up to 300. Meaning, when maximum bets are placed, the returns can be very welcome. When looking at the icons, you can see the other adult elements being used. With the standard playing card values being the lower-paying icons. The higher-paying ones are slightly saucier. With the game using wilds and scatters while playing, it offers a fantastic level of entertainment.

Bonus Rounds

Being one of the best introductions to the online slots market, bonus rounds and features dramatically improve the overall experience. As they have been in slot games for many years, they have grown to range in a huge way. As a result, you will see games often using unique bonus features connected to the theme. However, there are some common elements to the rounds. Therefore, you will find that games connected to a jackpot will use the rounds for this. Also, games will often attribute the bonus rounds with the maximum win of the game. This has resulted in the rounds becoming a very lucrative part of the game.

The heart icon is the scatter icon of the game. Therefore, landing 3 or more of these will activate the free spins round of the game. Free spins rounds are included in almost every slot game, providing players with a number of spins that can stack up the wins. However, with the Angels & Demons slot, you must choose either the angel free spins or the demon ones. This will affect which icon is your bonus symbol. The bonus symbol when landed on reel 3 during the free spins mode with add to the bonus. Giving players a multiplier as well as more free spins, it can really add up. Therefore, giving the potential of 80 spins with the multiplier adding a 1x each time it is landed. Be warned, as the free spins round will end when you land the opposing bonus icon.