Arabian Spins Slot Game

Royalzee’s Arabian Spins Slot

There is one thing we love about slot games here at Royalzee Casino, and that is the immense range of themes they have. Therefore, we enjoy being able to offer our players games with unique looks and themes. The latest of these to be added to our slot games library is the Arabian Spins slot. It is joining our extensive library of the highest quality slot game titles you can find online. All of these games, including this new addition are all available to our casino members. If you do not already have a membership, you can get one by fully completing our registration process. Once complete, you are able to enjoy this fantastic addition along with the other high-quality titles in our library.

The Arabian Spins slot brings players familiar characters in a unique themed slot game. Giving players a traditional take on a slot, it offers simple and easy gameplay. Do not let the simple look of this game fool you as it gives a thoroughly modern take on the game. The gameplay is backed up by fantastic detail that the developers have put into the title. Offering 3D graphics is something that is not often seen among games, but it is offered in this great online casino game. With some of the modern gaming elements players love such as bonuses, it is the perfect addition to our library.

About Arabian Spins Slot

Although the Arabian Spins slot looks like a simple game, it has been offered online since April 2020. Therefore, showing just how modern the game is. It is the product of Groove, which are known for some incredible slot games available in the market. With all of their expertise going into this great new game, it is expected to become a hugely popular game. As we stock a good number of their slots in our library, we expect that this one will become their most popular. This is for many reasons, including the smooth play of the game which allows for easy mobile play. We have found that it is features like a vivid display while playing on a smartphone that helps to make a game popular with our players.

Paying tribute to the most simple of slot games, this title features 3 reels for players. These reels are bordered by a highly decorative golden frame, with jewels adorning the logo. The reels are displayed on a flying carpet from a popular story with a similar setting. The background shows desert buildings with a night sky above. All tied into the Arabian Spins slot theme, it gives an immersive gaming experience for every player. Showing just how modern the game is, the controls are to the left and right of the reels. This shows how the game has been developed with mobile play in mind. Developing the controls like this makes it easy to play for touchscreen devices.

How to Play Arabian Spins Slot

Since slot games were introduced to the online casino world, they have come to be the most played kind of game. This can be down to many things, however, the simplicity of the play is one of them. Therefore, to play you must first pick your bet. To do this you must decide the coin size and number of coins and number of paylines. Once you have made this decision, the reels can begin spinning. The main aim of the game is to get some matching combinations when the reels come to a stop. Doing so will mean you are due a reward. This reward will vary in value depending on the icons that have landed on the paylines. The values of the icons in the game can be seen in the game info panel.

The Arabian Spins slot may look simple with its 3×3 game layout, however, this is not the case. As a result, the game developers have managed to include a total of 10 paylines. This gives players a good number of ways that they can win with such a small grid of icons. One of the most impressive features of this slot game is the coin sizes that are available. As a result, these range from 0.10 up to 500, giving a huge choice of bets that can be placed. Another feature that this game offers is a whole range of themed icons. These follow the highly detailed elements seen throughout the title. The diamond icon represents the wild of the game, with a magic lamp being the scatter. These are connected to some of the bonuses in the title.

Bonus Rounds

One of the most popular aspects of modern slot games is the bonus features. These are included in slot games to continue the immersive factor. They offer players some added excitement from the regular spinning of the reels. With the bonus rounds often connected to the theme of the game, they can range in a massive way. As a result, you will find they may differ from game to game. However, the bonus rounds have come to have some common aspects. If a game has a jackpot connected to the title, the bonus rounds are often the way to get this. This is also the common way to get the games maximum win.

The bonus features of the Arabian Spins slot revolve around the bonus icons within the game. Therefore, the diamond wild icon is used to activate a free spins round. When activated, players are given 10 free spins to play, however, this comes with a 2-way win element. The free spins round can be re-triggered giving the bonus an almost endless feel. The magic lamp icon will also give you 10 free spins, but these do not have the 2-ways win feature. The Arabian Spins slot includes a gamble feature that can lead to the games maximum win of 10,000 coins. With all of these bonus features, it is no surprise that it is showing to be a hugely popular game within our extensive game library.