Big Buffalo Slot

RTP: 92.50%

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  • Huge Number of Paylines Offered to Players
  • 6 Reel Layout Gives That Extra Reel to Play With
  • Simple But Effective Bonus Rounds Included for Features
  • Wild Icons Used to Activate Bonus Rounds


  • Very Low Maximum Win Amount
  • No Multipliers Included in Game

Big Buffalo Online Slot

Royalzee’s Big Buffalo Slot

Introducing our players to some of the biggest and best games in the online casino world is what we do here at Royalzee Casino. Therefore, when a new game like Big Buffalo slot is launched, we feel like we need to include it. With a library of games already over 600+ titles, we love adding the latest high-quality slot games for our players. This fantastic title has some unique aspects that help it stand out in our range on offer to our members. Therefore having an active membership is vital to being able to enjoy our game that we offer. To get one, you will need to complete our sign up process. However, once done you can enjoy this great addition to our library.

You may have seen similar looking slot games in the past, however, none quite compare to the Big Buffalo slot. The enjoyable slot game brings a taste of native America to the masses in its innovative theme. Displaying some of the most modern aspects of online games makes this game a firm choice for most online players. Players that look for stunning visuals are in for a treat, with the game displaying some fantastic graphics that help with the play. All displayed in amazing colour, they allow for easy identification of the icons. Away from the visuals of the game, the technology behind the title is cutting edge. As a result, players can take part in some of the most modern online casino slot game ways. All in all, a fantastic title for any kinds of player.

About Big Buffalo Slot

This impressive ways of this title were first introduced to the market in March 2018. Although the title is not brand new to the market, it still has some of the best gameplay techniques around. Therefore, we are pleased to add it to our library. The developers, SkyWind, may not be the most well known in the market, but Big Buffalo slot is a stunning tribute to what they can put out into the market. Setting a standard for the smaller game developers, it stand among even to the most well known games we offer.

Although the layout of the game is similar to that or regular slot game, the 6 reels shows just how advanced the game is. The background shows the high table top mountains in the canyons of America, setting the scene perfectly. Neatly placed in the centre of the game display, allowing for the game controls to be displayed below. With a small display in the centre of the controls, this shows some useful information while playing. As a result, you can easily see if your previous spin was a winning one, and how much you won. Offering some of the very latest slot game technologies, the game can use multiple setting to make it easy to play for anyone.

How to Play Big Buffalo Slot

Being the easiest of all online casino games to play, slot games still offer the traditional methods of play. The basics have remained the same since they were introduced. Therefore, players must decide the size of the coin they wish to put at stake. This can be done by by adjusting the coin size of the game. Other settings can be changed, such as the number of payline as well as the number of coins placed. Once all these are set, you can begin the reels spinning. The aim is to land a number of winning icons when they come to a stop. This is what will give you the reward from each spin.

Using 6 reels and 4 rows gives the Big Buffalo Slot a little used layout. However, one of the biggest attractions to the game is the number of payline. Offering players the used of 4,096 payline, it give many ways that the player can get a combination. The coin sizes that can be placed range from 1 – 300 but the game allows you to put 40 coins at stake. When you look at all of these factors, you can understand why the game has such a great reputation. The icons within the game consist of the higher values from a deck of cards. However, some other icons are used and are all related to the wildlife from the country.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are some of the most looked at aspects of the online slot game world. When they were first introduced they revolutionised the online slot world. Giving a much-needed boost to the repetitive gameplay that the games offer. As a result, game developers have found some very innovative ways to use them. As a result, those games that include a jackpot will use a bonus round to get the prize. This is also the case when it comes to the maximum wins of the game. The most common way to activate the bonus rounds is by using the wild symbols. Therefore, landing a number of these will often activate the bonus rounds in some way.

With all the excellent features in the Big Buffalo slot, you would be surprised if there was more. However, there is a bonus round included within the gameplay. As a result, landing a Buffalo on the last 5 reels will trigger a re-spins round. However, the beauty is that this round can be re-triggered. As a result, the returns from the game can quickly add up for the player. Although, if you land a wild multiplier, this can quickly increase the reward that you recieve, with a maximum of x3.

Although simple, this bonus is effective for players and has reported in some fantastic prizes when playing. Will you be able to tame to Animals of America?

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 6RTP:92.50%Wild Symbols: Yes
Min Stake: 1Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 4,096
Max Stake: 300Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot: No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize: 300
Max Stake Line: 40 Scatters:Yes Multipliers: No