Birdz Slot

Royalzee’s Birdz Slot

Providing our players with everything needed to have the best online casino experience is what we do here at Royalzee Casino. Part of this is giving our players access to some of the most enjoyable slot games in the industry. The latest to be brought to our attention is the Birdz Slot. Not only showing the high-quality our players love but also offering a fun factor as well. Being included within our online casino library means that it can be played by our members. If you are not a member, you will need to fully complete our online sign-up process. Once done, you will be able to play this incredibly detailed slot game along with any other title we offer.

It can be difficult to offer something different in the slot games market. However, this slot shows exactly what thinking outside the box can accomplish. With a comedic aspect, the game pushes what slot games can be with incredible 3D graphics. Still offering the traditional methods of play one reason this game shows to be so popular. However, bringing that traditional style to the modern-day has been done perfectly in this title. Including some of the fantastic modern features and slot games bonuses, it has the gameplay to match the great design. To add to what the game offers, there is a soundtrack included that continues to involve the player. With added themed sound effects, what more could you ask for in a slot game?

About Birdz Slot

The birds in the game first started gathering in November 2015. Showing just how ahead of the times it was. Because of this and the effort by the developer, it is still a popular title even today after so many years. This goes to show how a quality title can stand the test of time in the market. All thanks to NYX, they have developed a gem for the online slot market. Being known for developing some high quality slot games, this is a fantastic example of how far ahead of the time they can be. As they are a prominent game developer in the market, we stock a number of their best games. However, the Birdz slot needs no help in standing out among the number of games we offer.

Although the game may look as though it does not have reels, this is just a clever design. With it showing players 5 reels, it gives that traditional slot game feeling they all look for. These reels do not have any outlines to help indicate them. They are displayed as electric wires across 2 wooden pylons. Down the right-hand side are a number of icons that are related to the bonuses within the title. As this game is available on mobile as well as desktop pc, the controls will vary depending on the device. If you are using a smartphone the controls will display along the right of the screen with big and easy buttons. If you are using a computer, you are shown the controls along the bottom of the display.

How to Play Birdz Slot

As some of the easiest games to play at online casinos, slot games have become the most popular kind of casino game. Still offering the same principles as the original games, they can be enjoyed by players of any level. The first step in playing involves players picking their bet size. This is done by deciding the coin size, the number of coins and the number of paylines per spin. Once you have adjusted these, you are ready to press the spin button. Displaying an animation to represent this, when it stops is the most important part. This is because it will show any combinations you have landed. With these giving rewards to the player, they will vary depending on the icons you have landed.

The Birdz slot used the now well-known layout of 5×3. This has allowed players to use the 30 paylines that are included within the title. These lines are not variable, allowing for coin sizes of 0.30 up to 150. Therefore, the game allows for some impressive bets to be placed by players. The icons are what really make this game special. Showing a number of grumpy coloured birds, they sit across the power lines in a comical fashion. Giving the games a thoroughly entertaining element to the title is what has helped boost its popularity. Having this collection of icons has meant that they do not all have any other special abilities acting as wilds.

Bonus Rounds

Being a modern element to slot games bonus rounds are added to make the games more entertaining for players. However, they do have another job and that is to be a source of the better rewards of the game. As a result, games that have a jackpot offered will often use the bonus rounds as a way to get them. This is also the same for the maximum wins of the games. Other rewards are common in these rounds such as free spins or added wilds to the game. Being some of the most rewarding and entertaining parts of modern online casino games, they are a favourite among players in the market.

The Birdz slot does not have any bonus icons to talk of within the game, however, the bonuses are evident from the start. With all of the different available bonuses that are offered down the right-hand side of the display. With the number of bonuses shown, it explains the high popularity of the title. One of the best is the Bird Blitz bonus, which is randomly activated on a non-winning round. This will trigger a re-spin until a win is landed. Getting a scarecrow will also scare all of the birds away and allow new ones to come to make even better combinations. With many more to offer for players, it shows to be an amazing title. Therefore, the Birdz slot is one of the most entertaining slots NYX have produced.