Birthday! Slot Game

Royalzee’s Birthday Slot

Our players are our main concerns here at Royalzee Casino. Therefore, we want to prove the very best online casino experience possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering the best quality slot games available online. This includes the fantastic Birthday slot that is available to be played here. Being included in our online casino library means that our members can enjoy the high-quality gameplay that it offers. For those who are not a member, becoming one is an easy process. Therefore, once you have fully completed our registration process, you will be able to enjoy this slot game as well as our others.

The visual details used in the Birthday slot really set standards for modern slot games. However, still sticking to the traditional playstyle it offers the best of both worlds. The smooth animations and easy style of play show just how modern the title is. As a result, you will find many details that are designed to be used across multiple devices. Therefore, both pc players and smartphone users can easily enjoy the great online casino gameplay that the slot game offers. The Birthday slot has a lot more to offer than stunning visual details. With some modern elements like bonus features, it offers players a huge amount of enjoyment. To make this even better, it has shown to be a highly rewarding title for players.

About Birthday Slot

As the Birthday slot was first released in May 2018, it displays all of the most modern slot features that our players love. Having been in the market for a few years, it still proves to be a popular slot within our player community. With details that appeal to both new and existing slot game players, This is a testament to the high-quality titles that the developers NYX are known for. With so many amazing slot games under their belt, it is no surprise that we stock a huge number of them. However, with the Birthday slot being such a fantastic example, it is sure to stand out from the crowd. With the modern elements it shows, it is sure to become a player favourite very quickly.

Making the game easily recognisable as a slot game, it offers players a 5 reel spread of reels. Displayed on a slightly transparent background, they show off the backing image perfectly. This is an illustrated image of a bar with a bull tending the drinks. Setting the scene for the perfect birthday party, it fits the birthday theme of the Birthday slot. The background image is not the only birthday surprise, with fantastic sound effect to fully involve the player. All adding up to the overall experience that is offered, it really is a present for any online player. The game was developed with smartphone users in mind, as a result, the controls are spread around on big buttons.

With all of the modern features, including the bonus features in the title. Our players have shown just how great the game is. Showing the popularity boost since it was included within our extensive game collection.

How to Play Birthday! Slot

To keep to the traditions of the old slot machines, the gameplay of modern slot games is very simple. Following the same similar process, players will first need to decide the coin size. This is done by adjusting the coins amount, the number of coins and the number of paylines for the bet. Once all are decided, you are ready to spin the reels. When the reels stop, they will reveal any winning combinations you have landed. This will give you a reward depending on the icons that you have landed. The icons all range in value and this gives the different reward values. All of these can be seen in the paytables section of the game.

Although the Birthday slot provides players a 5×4 interface to play on, the developers have managed to include a surprise. This is the total number of paylines, being at 178, it gives a huge range of ways players can win. When you consider the coin sizes from 0.20 up to 50, you can imagine the huge rewards that can be landed. The icons that are used in the game reflect the theme. Therefore, using balloons of varying colours as the lower paying icons. There are higher-paying icons that include other items you would see at a party. There are bonus icons included in the game, which are nicely decorated and easy to point out.

Bonus Rounds

The best feature to appear in modern slot games is bonus rounds. They are used in a number of way but always add to the excitement and entertainment you can get from a game. These are usually activated by bonus icons within the game. However, they do have some common elements. If the game has a jackpot connected to it, the bonus rounds are usually the way to get it. If there is no jackpot in the game, the maximum win may be the prize offered. There are often other prizes that you can get from free spins to wild icons added to the game. These all add to the overall experience you get from the slot games.

One of the most commonly seen features in the Birthday slot is the free spins round. When the character Maggie joins the birthday party, you are given a number of free spins. With 10 to begin with, it can be re-triggered so that the wins can carry on coming. While this round is activated, if you land any of the sound-tech wilds they will expand into the whole reel. This can prove to be a massively profitable part of the slot game for the player. Therefore, is one of the reasons it is so popular. With many other bonuses included to make the game more enjoyable, it is the perfect title for any slot game player. With a full explanation of the bonus icons in the paytable, be sure to read it before you play.