Black Gold Slot Game

Royalzee’s Black Gold Slot

One of the most important parts of a great online casino is the games that are offered. We feel like we have one of the best collections available here at Royalzee Casino. That collection would not be complete without the Black Gold slot. The online casino game shows all of the impressive high-quality elements our players love to see. As a result, it is a fitting addition to our online casino game library. To be able to play this great new addition, you will have to have a membership to our service. This can be gained by fully completing our sign up process. Once done, you will be able to play this fantastic new game along with any other offered in our library.

Bringing some highly detailed 3D graphics to the market. The Black Gold slot is a fantastic game to not only look at but play as well. Being a perfect mixture of traditional slot games aspects and modern play techniques, it has something for every kind of player. It also uses some of the latest slot games technology, allowing it to be played smoothly on a smartphone. To add to the stunning gameplay that is offered, it gives the immersion factor by using equally high-quality backing music. Setting the oil rush fever off with some amazing modern elements like bonus features. There is nothing to dislike about this impressive slot game.

About Black Gold Slot

Although the Black Gold slot looks like it is the latest release, it was actually first released in March 2012. This proves that age is no concern when it comes to a quality title. The slot game is a golden nugget of a game, showing the best features of games released nowadays. This shows just how devoted the developer Groove is to providing excellent games. Being such a prominent developer means that we stock a good number of their best titles. However, the Black Gold slot shows everything to help boost it to be their best title of all. Already standing out from the range with its stunning graphics, will you also strike oil while playing?

The 5 reel layout that the Black Gold slot uses is a testament to the traditional ways of play. However, It is how they are displayed that is most impressive. Using a tin shack as the display for the reels blends in with the oil mine feel of the theme. The background image shows the gold mine is the same 3D graphics that lean to the modern vibe of the game. The main character is sat on a horse to the left of the displays, with the controls along the bottom. One of the best parts of this is that they are developed with the theme in mind and use objects from the mine as buttons. This adds to the overall enjoyment that the game offers players. Another welcomed feature that is included is numbered paylines. These are added to help guide players with their bet and the wins landed.

How to Play Black Gold Slot

Slot games have become some of the most played games to be offered at online casinos. This is down to many factors but the simple way they are played is one of them. Therefore, to play the first step involves deciding the coin size, the number of coins and the number of payline. With all of these made, you can begin the reels spinning. When they come to a stop, you will be presented the icons from the spin. If you have any combinations of icons in the paylines then you will be given a reward. This will vary depending on the icons that have landed as they all come with different values. The full list of values will be offered in the paytable button within the game.

With the Black Gold slot offering the now well-known 5×3 grid layout, it shows the modern elements of the game. This has enabled the developer to include a total of 30 paylines to be included within the title. The coin sizes that are available to bet range from 0.02 up to 150. This enables players to place a huge range of bets at stake. The icons that are used in the game are all related to the theme. Therefore showing some of the items you would expect to see in an oil mine. The Black Gold slot also includes a number of bonus icons for players, with the shack being the wild and the drills and pumps being other bonus icons.

Bonus Rounds

The most lucrative aspect of modern online casino slot games is their bonuses. They are added to games for a number of reasons, however, they do break up the repetitive spinning of the slot games. Some common features of slot games include the rewards they give. Often offering the jackpot or maximum win of the game, players aim to reach these rounds. Cash prizes are not all that is up for grabs in bonus rounds, as a result, you may be given a number of free spins. Being related to the theme of the game, the bonus rounds are usually unique to the theme of the game. All of these elements to the bonus rounds make them the main aim for online slot players.

You will be given a number of free spins that can be re-triggered by landing 3 or more of the shack wilds. During this round, these wilds will also act as a multiplier. Therefore increasing the potential wins that you can get. Landing 3 or more drill icons will launch you into the Oil Well round. This will allow you to pick from the oil wells and see what prize you are going to get. The Oil Pump icon is the last bonus feature offered. Landing 3 of these will show you a number. You have to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower. This can prove to be hugely rewarding to players with the maximum win of the game reaching 25,000 coins.