Black Mummy Slot Game

Royalzee’s Black Mummy Slot

We love being the first place players think of when they want to play at an online casino here at Royalzee Casino. Offering some of the very best titles for our players is one way that we do this. Therefore, we have a collection of games that is ever-growing. With the latest to be added being the Black Mummy slot. Showing all of the amazing modern slot games features that our players love to see in their games. With our full library of games being on offer to our members, you will have to have a valid membership to enjoy them. Getting one means completing our sign up process fully, enabling you to play all of the very best games offered in our library.

The Black Mummy slot brings the more traditional online slot games to a new light. Keeping things very basic allows for players of all experience levels to enjoy the modern elements. Using a highly detailed display, it is a visual treat as well as an exciting online casino game. It keeps this excitement level using many different ways, however, the high quality is evident from the start. Although it relies on the basic slot techniques, the modern side can be seen. The bonus features and modern play elements are a tribute to the most enjoyable parts of modern slot games. With all of this offered in the Black Mummy slot, we are pleased to be able to offer this to our players here.

About Black Mummy Slot

Players were first introduced to the Black Mummy slot in February 2017. As a result, having been in the market for a couple of years it still proves to be a hugely popular game. This can be down to the developers of the game, Tom Horn. Although they are not the biggest game developer in the market, they have what it takes to produce a popular slot game. Being known for some fantastic slot game titles, we are pleased to host their games within our game library. This exciting game may not be the only one from them that we stock, however, it will show to be their most popular.

Being a modern online slot game, it offers 5 reels that are black in colour. This darkness is the vibe that the Black Mummy slot looks to give off. However, the reels are bordered by decorated, golden detail. These follow up to the top of the game to display some dark pyramids. To make the game slightly easier to play, there are columns down each side of the display. On these, the paylines are displayed to give a small aid in determining your wins. The controls of the game are in the regular position. Finding them at the bottom of the games display, they offer easy to use options to fully enjoy the game. To round off the gameplay that is offered, the game uses some impressive sound effects. Enhancing everything included in the title, they blend in with the soundtrack that is used.

How to Play Black Mummy Slot

Since being introduced to the online world, slot games have become the most played games. One reason for this is the simple manner in which they are played. As a result, they still follow the basic principles that they have for years. First players must decide the size of the bet they want to place. This is done by adjusting the size of the coins. You may also be able to adjust the number of paylines and the number of coins that you can place. However, once you are happy, you can begin spinning the reels. When they stop, you are hoping for some winning combinations within the icons. This will give you a reward which will depend on the icons that you have managed to land. All of the icons in the game have different values, which goes towards the different rewards that you can get.

The 5×3 layout of the Black Mummy slot is the now-standard slot game layout. However, the game does have 5 paylines included within its gameplay. This may be a small amount compared to other games, but it makes up for it in other areas. The coin sizes that you can place in the Black Mummy slot range from 0.10 up to 10, allowing for a good range. The icons that are used also follow the industry standard, offering the higher playing card values. There are higher-paying icons included that follow the theme of the game which include mummies, masks and Ancient Egyptian symbols. Keeping to the modern elements, the game does include a wild icon during play.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are some of the most impressive elements of modern online slot games. Being used for many different things in online slot games, the add more excitement to the gameplay. Often being connected to the most enjoyable elements to slot games, they are known for giving large rewards. As a result, you will often find that they are connected to the maximum win of the game. If the game has a jackpot connected to it, the bonus rounds will also be the route to getting this. As a result, they have quickly become the most looked at aspect of slot games. It is common to find that the games need to be activated, which is usually done by landing a number of the bonus icons within the game.

Being a solid tribute to the simple times of slot gaming. The Black Mummy slot does not include any particular bonus rounds for players to enjoy. This is not to say that there are no features at all. As a result, the wild icons play a major role in the extra excitement offered in the slot. Not only does it have the ability to randomly remove all the icons in the game, but it can also be used in conjunction with your wins. Doing this allows players to take advantage of the 5x multipliers that the icons hold. As a result, this can really boost the potential rewards that you can get from the game. Therefore, a 500 coins maximum win can be gained from using the wild icons.