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Blackbeard’s Quest Slot

Blackbeard's Quest Slot Game

Royalzee’s Blackbeard’s Quest Slot

One way that we keep our players excited about the service we offer here at Royalzee Casino is through the games. Proving our players with the very best slot games available online, the latest to be included is the Blackbeard’s Quest slot. Meeting the high-quality requirement we have for our library, we are pleased to be including it. However, to be able to play this fantastic online casino title, you must be a member of our service. As a result, becoming one is an easy process. This requires you to fully complete our sign up process. Upon doing so, you will be able to enjoy this high-quality title alongside our full library of games.

Everyone loves the fantasy world that we have about pirates. With this idea being turned into a slot game, the Blackbeard’s Quest slot offers something for every player. The unique theme allows for hours of endless fun alongside a timeless slot games experience. Using aspects of 3D graphics, it displays a great blend of traditional slot features and modern elements. Offering smooth gameplay and impressive visuals, players can enjoy the fantastic game cross-platform. As a result, you can play this fantastic slot game on your smartphone as well as a regular computer. Displaying more modern elements, the game includes a fantastic bonus round for players to enjoy while playing. Therefore, offering a fantastic quality of gameplay, we are pleased to be including it within our game library.

About Blackbeard’s Quest Slot

The enjoyable visuals and responsive gameplay of the Blackbeard’s Quest slot were first seen in the online market in November 2018. The icons visuals that the game offers are thanks to the developers’ Tom Horn. As they are not the most well-known developer within the industry, this game is a great example of what they offer. With the game meeting the requirements here at Royalzee, we are happy to include it for our players. As we already have a number of their games, this one will surely stand out from the collection. With it showing more modern aspects than some of their other games, it will surely become their most popular.

Giving the image of being placed on a plank of wood, the 5 reels of the game show the impressive visuals. This is placed with the background image giving an optical illusion. Showing a burred scene of a shoreline from an island, makes you focus more on the reels of the game. Down each side of the reels, you will find the paylines numbered, to aid in you seeing the matching combinations of the game. Further following the theme of the game, it uses some pirate background music. This adds to the immersion factor that the game offers its players alongside some fantastic sound effects to go with the actions. With so many modern features on offer, it is no surprise that the game has shown to be a popular game within our player community.

How to Play Blackbeard’s Quest Slot

Since being introduced to online casinos, slot games have become some of the most played games. This can be down to a number of reasons, however, the most obvious is the simple way they are played. Therefore, to play you must first decide how much you want to spin. By adjusting setting like the coin size, the number of coins and number of paylines, you can make you bet settings. Once you have decided your bet, you can spin the reels. Once they have stopped, you will see if you have any winning combinations in the icons. You will be given a reward for the wins. However, depending on the icons you get, the win amount will be different. This is because all the icons have different values, which can be seen in the paytables part of the game.

The Blackbeard’s Quest slot gives players the well known 5×3 game grid. Allowing for a total of 9 paylines to be used in the gameplay. These are all indicated with the numbered labels on the sides of the reels. The coin sizes that you can use while playing range from 0.02 up to 18, giving players a great range to choose from. Keeping to what players know, some of the icons used are the higher values from a deck of playing cards. However, there are some more icons used that display the 3D visuals of the game. These include the different pirate characters and pirate items. Unlike many of their other games, the Blackbeard’s Quest slot includes the use of wild and scatter icons to help take players to the bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds

Being one of the most innovative elements to modern online slot games, the bonus rounds really stand out. Often being connected to the games theme, they range just as much as the games themselves. However, some common aspects have shone through. As a result, you will often see a games maximum win awarded through the bonus rounds. This is also the same for games connected to jackpots. As they are some of the most rewarding parts of the online game, they are often the aim of players. You will find the most common way to activate bonus rounds in the game is by landing a number of the special icons that are used.

The Blackbeard’s Quest Slot is different from the developer’s other titles. As a result, offering players a bonus round to add to the already impressive gameplay. This uses the treasure chest icon to get into the bonus round. Here you will be given 10 spins to use, with the ability being able to be re-triggered. Therefore, you can get some impressive returns from this bonus when it repeats. With other bonus icons included that allow for multipliers, the Blackbeard’s Quest slot has a great number of features for players. However, will you be able to get the treasure from Blackbeard? The impressive maximum win is one way that you can.