Fruit Supreme Slot

RTP: 96.27%

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  • Traditional Slot Games Icons Used
  • The Latest in Modern Slot Game Technology
  • Multipliers Used to Increase Potential Payout
  • 4000x Maximum Win Available to Players


  • No 3D Graphics Used While Playing
  • Not Connected to a Jackpot

Fruit Supreme Online Slot

Royalzee’s Fruit Supreme Slot

Besides having a unique and innovative design, there is one thing that sets the Playson games apart from the rest; they are easy to understand. The intelligent use of the theme imagery is better than its counterparts. Coming back to Fruit Supreme Slot at Royalzee, the features are numerous. With multiple bonuses, promotions, the space for the slot to hike to the new heights is wide.

However, one of the unique features you will notice is the retro imagery. The slot uses the old-school appearance and graphics. But there is a twist that can’t be found in the retro either. In short, Fruit Supreme Slot integrates the retro-style fruit game and the modern interactive slot games. The twist of the traditional slots is there in addition to the sleeker design and crystal-clear graphics. It is the good-old slicing of the fruits.

Furthermore, the designers have made sure that the game is run smoothly across all platforms. It provides a hassle-free experience worthy of your time and money. Even though the slot has very few special symbols, the addition of various scatters and spins make it worthwhile. With the incorporation of the slot with the Royalzee, you can access bonuses and smoother gameplay. Also, there is comprehensive security to settle your gambling nerves.

About Fruit Supreme Slot

It was launched in August 2019, by one of the famous software designers of the gambling world. The Fruit Supreme Slot adds a twist to the fruit game. The retro is old but never runs out of fashion in an online casino. However, with a twitch in appearance and technology, Playson has produced a marvel that merits respect. It is slightly different from the traditional slots. Fruit Supreme is a 4-reel, 25-pay line that is filled with the retro-feel, imagery, and approach. Furthermore, versatile betting limits allow the player to tread on the journey at his comfort. The betting limit ranges from £0.25 to £100. Moreover, it runs with a decent RTP, a medium-high variance, and offers mobile gaming without any hurdle.

Besides the design and the absence of the jackpot, there are multipliers to trigger. This can give a boost to your bankroll. Further, the addition of Bonus features makes it special. The special symbols and various kinds of multipliers are something to look for in a game. The appearance of Lucky Red can give you 4000x your original stake. From the start to the end, the game follows a colourful scheme. It has a retro style merger and modern elegance blended in an aesthetic way paving the way for total entertainment. The graphics are more remarkable than you would expect from a retro. The sounds add to the realistic experience, and the settings are user-friendly.

How to Play Fruit Supreme Slot

There is a lot of difference between the regular casino games and the slots. However, it may appear to be small, but the space for thorough research is enormous. The play can be initiated with a single click, but if you’re interested in winning, then you must be sensible. The first step is to ascertain your financial position that entails that you must set an amount meant for gambling. This restrains you from mixing both the lots. Once you’ve done that, the second is to understand the casino rules. Take a peek at the paytable and ensure that you have a money management plan to fall back on. Lastly, the approach must be made with proper caution.

Click on the Bet option available to you that will prompt the potential bets that you can make. In addition to that, the up/down arrows will allow you to increase or decrease the stakes, one by one. Similarly, you must adhere to the sensible approach and proceed with ease. There is, however, a Max, just in case you’re willing to take the fastest spinning possible.

As already mentioned, you must be devoid of any distractions or take the decisions in haste. Keep your mind cool and proceed with your natural instincts. This will help you concentrate on the game. Fruit Supreme Slot is elegant, the design is incredible, and the security at Royalzee is top-class. All that can work in your favour only when you know how to play wisely.

Bonus Rounds

The red remains the background with the tinges of colours. This makes it the most exciting and less boring there is. There are symbols to cash on apart from your tactics and strategies. First things first, the symbols Cherries, oranges, plums, and lemons have the same value – 25x of your stake money. Second the Bar, Bell, and seven – highly lucrative and productive. You get to take 4,000x your stake if you have four sevens on the payline. Third, unfortunately, there are no wilds and free spins, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t others.

The multiplier symbol can be activated by landing twelve identical symbols on the payline which can double the outcome. The Fruit Supreme Slot is a simple yet enticing slot that offers what it promises. Even though it lacks bonuses, the overall experience compensates for it. Additionally, the provided perks by the casino and the slot are equally crucial in determining the session’s outcome. Various factors play out in the actual game and decide the return. One can’t overlook the minor role of small symbols, let alone the special ones.

Similarly, the deposit bonus that is offered to the player for the first time is a boon. It can lead you to excel in the game if used wisely. In short, the Fruit Supreme Slot allows you access to the vintage. This retro fruit game has high-end graphics. It comes with a fair chance to increase your wins up to 4,000x of your wager. In the conclusion, the bonuses aren’t a let-offer. The game still provides you with various excellent features capable of multiplying your bet.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 4 RTP: 96.27%Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.25 Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 25
Max Stake: 100Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1 Online Slot 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize:4000x
Max Stake Line: 1 Scatters:Yes Multipliers:Yes