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Galactic Girls Jackpot Slot

Galactic Girls Jackpot Online Slot

Royalzee’s Galactic Girls Jackpot Slot

We offer over 600+ slot games here at Royalzee Casino but not many of them have the features Galactic Girls Jackpot slot has. As we thrive on being able to offer you the very latest titles that offer unique attributes. We are pleased to add this to our already impressive library. This title is sure to get our members excited with the impressive gameplay. Are you already a member at our online casino? Sign in to take a spin with the Galactic Girls. If you do not have a membership, signing up for one is an easy process. There is more than just the Sci-Fi bonuses awaiting players with this fantastic title.

Offering players a cool retro age sci-fi mix for a theme, it has plenty of appealing features most players look for. As a result, combining space-age music backing with a retro theme seems to hit a sweet spot with many gamers. Galactic Girls Jackpot slot shows all the imagery and graphics as if they were illustrations of the time. Very similar to the regular version of the slot, there is one major difference. As a result, this fantastic title is connected to a progressive jackpot. With what the game already offered, could it get any better? Adding a progressive jackpot to such a popular game is great for players, therefore, adding an extra win possible.

Never played a progressive jackpot game? These slot games are very similar to there non-jackpot counterparts. With every spin adding a little bit added to the pot. However, it is not just you that adds to the pot, everyone else playing this game also adds to the pot. This may even include players at other casinos. This makes the potential maximum prize a massive amount.

About Galactic Girls Jackpot Slot

The Galactic Girls Jackpot slot was first seen by gamers in August 2020. Developed by forever growing Eyecon, it is yet another amazing title from them. They may not be the biggest game developer in the market, however, the games they produce are always of very high quality. They must have predicted the popularity of the original game, as adding a progressive jackpot is the icing on the cake for this game.

Much like the original, the playing interface in the Galactic Girls Jackpot slot is displayed in portrait orientation. This gives the possibility to display the reels with more horizontal rows on each reel. With this giving space at the side of the display, this leaves room for the controls to the right of the reels. This layout is not often used but give easy play across all devices. The icons used blend in with the theme, also giving that illustrated look. Further showing the quality this game shines with. Some of the icons used will appear larger than others, as a result, the tiles are full art illustrations of each Galactic Girl.

This version of the Galactic Girls Jackpot slot has already proven to be more popular than the other version. This may be down to the fact that this slot game has the connected jackpot, meaning, there is an extra prize at stake.

How to Play Galactic Girls Jackpot Slot

The way slot games work is very simple. The player will have to choose the size of the coin you wish to put at stake. This can be changed using the game controls. Once this is selected, some slot games offer the number of paylines to be changed. However, if they do not, then you are ready to spin the reels. Spinning the reels may look great, but it is where they stop that we are interested in. If the reels stop with one of the games winning combination then you are due a prize. The prizes will vary depending on how much the symbols are valued.

Giving players an icon 5×6 layout, the Galactic Girls Jackpot slot allows for up to 30 symbols on the playboard at any one time. This also allows an incredible number of paylines across the 5 reels. With a total of 7776 paylines, the chances of landing a winning combination are likely. The symbols play a major part in the attraction of this slot game. With the lower value icons taking up 1 square in the grid, they are represented by the higher card values. However, the special icons in the game take up 3 blocks in the grid and are represented by the full art Galactic Girls.

With the play interface in the portrait orientation, it lends itself to being played on a mobile device. However, the game works flawlessly across almost all devices including a tablet and personal computer.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds have changed the way players look at online slot games ever since they were introduced. Players are more likely to play a game with numerous bonus rounds to a game that offers none. This is because they offer a break from the repetitive spinning slot games offer while keeping in with the theme. It is common that the special symbols included in the game activate the bonuses. This is also the case with the Galactic Girls Jackpot slot.

Like the original version, the Galactic Girls Jackpot slot has many fantastic bonus rounds included. The Symbol Replacer is activated using the Peggy icon. Getting 1 stack of these icons will replace all the nines on the board. Stacking 2 of these icons will replace all the nines and tens. This continues until stacking 5 will replace all the royals including the Ace icons. There is also a Multiplier that can be activated. During the free spins mode, landing a Geraldine icon will give you a multiplier, landing another will increase the multiplier. As a result, this can continue until you are at a 100x multiplier.

You will be asking how you activate the progressive jackpot that this game is connected to. However, this is awarded randomly to any player. The only way to be in for a chance to get the jackpot win of the game is to be playing while it is drawn.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 5RTP: 93.09% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.10 Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 7776
Max Stake: 20 Progressive Slot:YesRandom Jackpot:Yes
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:Random
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:Yes Multipliers:Yes