Monopoly Big Spin Slot

RTP: 95.75%

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  • New Unique Kind of Gameplay Available
  • Connected to Huge Progressive Jackpot
  • Developed by Leading Game Developer
  • Impressive 3D Graphics Used While Playing
  • Exciting New Bonus Features on Offer


  • Requires Learning How to Play
  • Fixed Odds Instead of Paylines

Monopoly Big Spin Online Slot

Royalzee’s Monopoly Big Spin Slot

At Royalzee Casino, we aim to be able to provide online casino players with the very best collection of game. As a result, we have over 600+ fantastic slot games that our members can enjoy. Keeping this slot game collection up to date with the very latest titles is how we aim to become the first port of call. Therefore, when a classic title like Monopoly releases a slot game, it had to be included in our impressive range. Monopoly Big Spin slot is the next big slot game to create a craze within our player community. But what makes this new slot game so attractive to our players?

The game offers a modern slot variation of a classic board game everyone knows. Using all of the colours and imagery reminiscent of the original board game. With the whole game displayed in high quality, it is an eye-catching example of how good slot games can be. However, it is the unique gameplay that really sets this game out from the crowd. Being a mix of Slots and Roulette makes this games interesting no matter what kind of game you like to play. Therefore, we are pleased that we can offer this unique game to our members. If you a not a member, signing to play Monopoly Big Spin slot is very simple.

About Monopoly Big Spin Slot

First introduced to the online casino market in November 2020, it has shown that not all slot games have to stick to the traditions. The developers, SG Digital, have really crossed boundaries as to what a slot game is. However, it is these changes to regular gameplay that has helped give this game a good reputation that now has. When loading the game up you are braced with the vibrant colours and the famous Monopoly character, setting the exciting tone of the game straight away. The sound effects used blend into the game perfectly, bring along sounds that you would expect while playing the physical game.

After the loading screen of the game, you are met with a circular play board. Yes, that’s right, circular. This is because the board spins to give the result. As a result, this kind of play will also attract Roulette players looking for a different kind of game. This unique kind of gameplay along with a theme that everyone can relate to really make this slot game stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the Monopoly Big Spin slot has already created a great deal of excitement from our dedicated community of online casino players. Because of this, we expect that this game will only continue to grow in popularity very quickly. So what are you waiting for? take a look and see if this new way to play interests you.

How to Play Monopoly Big Spin Slot

Most online casino players are well versed in how online slot games are played. They are the most simple game to understand and play. Usually, you are faced with a number of columns with icons. Therefore, placing a stake on a spin, in the hope of landing a winning combination. This way of playing has been used since the games were first invented. However, the Monopoly Big Spin slot used an innovative new way for players to play. Offering the game with a circular spinning play area. This is opposed to displaying reels and getting combinations horizontally across the board. This is what gives players the result of the game. Although, getting used to this way of playing might take a few minutes, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

The common board tiles and seen on the original game are also seen on this spinning play area. As a result, seeing spaces like Free Parking, Community Chest, GO! and Chance. With the bet controls along the bottom of the area, you will see familiar controls allowing you to change the amount of your bet. Therefore, allowing bets from 0.10 to 50.00. The idea of this slot game is to predict which icons the spinning wheel will land on. The game itself does not incorporate paylines, instead, offering set odds for each icon it lands on. One of the better features of this game, you can place bets on multiple icons per spin, giving a much better chance of return. Overall, the game offers an attractive 95.75% return to player rate.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus round or features are often what make a slot game stand out. Offering players a different way of playing, they are often very rewarding compared to regular play. They are put into the game for many reasons, one reason is to give players a way to the maximum win. Whatever reason they are added, they will give some added excitement and attractive rewards when played. There are often ways to activate certain bonuses, which will often include landing special symbols in the game. Information on how most bonus features work can be found on the information panel of the game. Monopoly Big Spin slot is no different, giving players a full information panel. This give players not only instructions on how to play, but also the values that each tile offers.

Although Monopoly Big Spin slot differs from regular slot games in many ways, it still has the options for bonus rounds and features. Landing any of the icons that are not a property tile will open the bonus rounds. This will spin the wheel and decide which bonus you will get. The great thing about this is that the payouts for these icons are already set. Therefore, the payouts you can receive range from 5x to 200x your original stake. However this is not all, this game is also connected to a progressive jackpot system. This means that every bet placed contributes towards a developer held jackpot. This is randomly given to players using the connected games.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: WheelRTP: 95.75% Wild Symbols:No
Min Stake: 0.10 Auto-Play Available:NoNo of Paylines: Fixed Odds
Max Stake: 50 Progressive Slot:YesRandom Jackpot:Yes
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:50
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:No Multipliers:Yes