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New Year Riches Slot

New Year Riches Online Slot

Royalzee’s New Year Riches Slot

Royalzee gives the best casino experience nowadays. It has great games with grand settings and ambience. Finally, it has the best terms anywhere. As a result, you can win the highest amounts over here. Once you get into the Royalzee experience, it is tough to think of anywhere else. And you should not think either. Enjoy the very best slot games right over here. One such game which is creating a buzz right now is New Year Riches Slot. It has become a very popular game.

The New Year Riches comes with an array of 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines. Consequently, there is a very high combination possibility. Also, this increases the chances of winning. The aim is to get three, four or five matching symbols across the reel, beginning from left to right. Bets can begin as low as 20p. In addition, there are auto-play features and settings for win and loss limits. The RTP is 96.48% and the variance is 6/10, which is in the medium range.

Now, with such great features, you must get playing and the only place to play this is Royalzee. It gives the best possible experience on this game. You can play it on a variety of platforms like Windows on computer. Similarly, you can play it on your smartphone using Android or iOS. Furthermore, playing it on Royalzee gives its own offers in additions to the online casino bonus available in the game. It is time to enjoy New Year Riches Slot at Royalzee.

About New Year Riches Slot

New Year Riches Slot was released right in time for New Year 2021. To be precise, the release date was 26th November, 2020. It is

How the game works is pretty simple. First, it has a generic city background. Second, there are various famous landmarks on the reels. The objective is to get at least three scatters. Consequently, you can get free spins if you do so. Furthermore, what makes the game appealing is that there is a multiplier to the tune of 20. Also note that higher the number of re-spins you can collar, the more the chances that you win. It is a straightforward game to play.

Play ‘n Go developed this game. They have been at the forefront of this industry since 1997. Hence, it was no surprise to see them coming out with such a great product.

Because of such great features, the clientele of Royalzee has also reacted in a positive way. This is a simple slot machine that cheers you up. In addition, the graphics are top-notch. Therefore, the entire experience is one that you will not forget. Furthermore, the ease of the game makes it very appealing. There are many features and the choice of symbols is exquisite. The presence of well-known landmarks and other symbols that signify celebration make it a unique experience that cannot go wrong. Hence, the entire ambience of this game is a crowd pleaser. The new additions of free spins and multipliers going to a factor of 20 are also significant additions.

How to Play New Year Riches Slot

The way slot games work is generally uniform across the board. There are various symbols and drawing a particular pattern gives you prizes in relation to the initial bid amount. Therefore, the differentiating factor is often the features and user experience. Due to the reasons mentioned before, New Year Riches Slot game triumphs on both counts.

In this particular slot game, there are symbols in the form of card suits, landmarks and wilds. The card suits are balloons in such forms and occur as pairs. The red suits (Diamond and Hearts) work together and the black suits (Clubs and Spades) work together. However, they are the lowest multipliers. Three of black suits pairings gets 0.2x, four gets 0.75x and five gets 2x. Conversely, for red suits pairings it is: three gets 0.25x, four gets 1x, five gets 2.5x.

The next higher symbols are the famous landmarks. In increasing order of multipliers, they are: St. Basil’s Cathedral, Taj Mahal, Himeji Castle, Big Ben, and Statue of Liberty. Note that in all cases a minimum of three same symbols are required on the payline to win. The wild in this game is the Champagne symbol. Indeed, getting this is quite the reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly, as three of them gets you 2.5x, four gets you 12.5x and five gets you 250x.

The best part about this game is the free spins. In fact, if that was the only special feature, we would still have recommended it. However, what makes it extra-special is that the game developers decided that there will be bonuses on re-spins as well. Truly, this is a game to enjoy and experience!

Bonus Rounds

The great stuff in any slot machine are its bonus features. In fact, it is the reason many people find so much joy in coming back. Conversely, if only normal features were included, many patrons may not revisit. The New Year Riches Slot has many features that the developers have included. Therefore, there is no chance that you will not find yourself coming back for more.

The first bonus are the free spins. To activate that, you would need to land three clock symbols across the paylines. These grant you ten free spins. However, the bonuses do not stop here! There is a win multiplier of 2x with each of these free spins. Hence, by the time you reach your last free spin, you hold with yourself a 20x multiplier.

The other available bonus is the re-spin bonus. In the same way as the free spin bonus, there is always a chance to land scatters on the free spins as well. As a result of such scatters, you will be eligible for up to six re-spin bonuses. Also, these re-spins use the multiplier at that moment in time. Hence, if you are at a 20x multiplier, you will hold on that on the re-spin. It does not get better than this.

Because of all such features, stunning graphics, and fun symbols, this is one of the best games to play. As a result of these pros, patrons keep coming back to it again and again. In addition, the other facilities at Royalzee will always make you want more. So come and join us in the fun. Ring in New Year’s Day, every day.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 5RTP: 96.48%Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 020Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 20
Max Stake: 100Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 20Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:5,000x
Max Stake Line: 20 Scatters:YesMultipliers:Yes