Pachinko Slot

RTP: 95.82%

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  • Completely Unique Game Play Available
  • Similar to Traditional Japanese Games
  • Huge Maximum Win on Offer For Players
  • 3D Graphics Can Be Used on Mobile


  • May Take Some Time to Learn to Play

Pachinko Online Slot

Royalzee’s Pachinko Slot

Royalzee is the casino for the modern world. In addition to traditional games, it has a plethora of new offerings to always keep you engaged. Therefore, once you enter the world of Royalzee, you would find it very hard to leave it behind. And nor should you want to with all the massive winnings on offer. For instance, one of the topmost games available with Royalzee is the Pachinko Slot game. It is a fabulous game that you will find both appealing and interesting.

Pachinko is a pinball type game combined with basic slot features. Initially, it originated as a children’s game in Japan. Afterward, it became an arcade game. Now, modern developers have adapted it for the online casino world. The latest version of this comes in the form of a bingo game with many unique features. Originally, it was a mechanical game but now it has electronic versions.

However, the online versions are quite different from the original versions, even though they are based on the same concepts. Looking at its popularity, Royalzee took the step to introduce this slot game in our portfolio. As a result, you can enjoy and win at it at the same time. The mechanism is simple. The machine has a number of pins. But it does not have any flippers. The balls need to go into certain slots to unlock winnings and provide more balls. Consequently, the number of balls won is directly proportional to the winnings in terms of prizes and money. There are many variants of Pachinko you can play at Royalzee

About Pachinko Slot

Pachinko has been present in one form or another for a long time in the Japanese society. However, it had not gained popularity as an arcade game outside Japan. But eagle-eyed developers whose job it is to look out for the best products in the world and bring them to the online gaming market took it and redeveloped it. Therefore, the modern variants of Pachinko came about such as 3D, and 5.

As mentioned above, there are many variants to the game, but the basic concept is similar. They are most similar to the bean machine. First, one has to insert the money or the casino deposit. Then, there is a virtual ball tray which releases the balls. The more ball one wins, the more they win in prize money. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of scoring a jackpot. Generally, this happens when three matching symbols show up in the slot machine that lies in the centre of a Pachinko game.

This particular game has been introduced by Microgaming and has a temple in the night background. We all know Microgaming as world-renowned game developers with frequent new game releases. Microgaming’s Pachinko is similar to a western Pinball machine, but with some variations. Instead of one ball, you will find many balls in the game that will help you with the winnings.

Ever since Pachinko games have found introduction on Royalzee, they have become one of the most popular games available. It has a novelty factor that is different from other standard games. It runs on Microgaming’s classic three-reels platform. Thus, it has become one of the favourite games for our patrons to play and wager their money on.

How to Play Pachinko Slot

Slot games, especially bingo games, are more or less the same. The gameplay does not vary much. That is not to say they are not fun. But they might not appeal to all who are looking for something different. For instance, you may be looking for special features beyond the standard bonus rounds. That is where Pachinko comes in. The drawings and the patterns are more or less the same. However, there is enough complexity to keep you engaged.

The way this game works is that one has to form patterns to multiply the winnings. There are various combinations of letters, corners and lines that lead to winnings as a multiplier on the base value. The lowest combination that earns twice is four corners. Next, two lines pay eight times. The letters of the word PACHINKO each correspond to a multiplier in decreasing order. P stands for 150 times, and O stands for 10 times. However, the two big shots in the games are Inner Perimeter and Corners which pays 1500 times. Similarly, full card or bingo pays 3000 times.

The unique selling points of this slot is that it combines the best features of card games and slot games. In fact, this game requires minimal strategy to maximise winnings unlike card games. For example, the main play in the 3D variant is to play as many cards as possible and place the highest bets. However, keeping the spirit of Pachinko alive, strategy is not quite absent. For instance, one must try to win balls rather than buy extra balls in the Pachinko 5 variant.

Bonus Rounds

Thus, it is not a surprise that Pachinko has become such a popular slot game. Some of its bonus features make it even more popular. The way bonus features work on most slots is that in addition to the traditional play, a certain play awards a much larger share of earning. Similarly, the Pachinko variants have a couple of jackpot options too.

First, in the Pachinko 5 variant, there is a winning of 1000 times in case one completes all the letters of Pachinko. This happens because in this variant, the winnings are on signs such as cross, square and checkerboard, instead of the letters. However, the letters are still there are it is possible to get them all in a single session. Consequently, if you choose to prolong to the session to that extent, you can win a thousand times over.

The other jackpot is available to players who invest at least three credits on each of the four tickets. As a result of that, they can win a jackpot by covering the bingo cards during the initial period of 44 balls, without having to buy anything extra. Occasionally, free spins and free extra balls may be available.

Taking into account all the different features of all the different variants, it is one of the best options available in the Royalzee portfolio. There is a grand mix of strategy and luck. However, it does not feel like a traditional game where there is nothing in your control. Nor does it feel like a game where strategy is paramount. Thus, one can always have fun.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 0RTP: 95.82% Wild Symbols:No
Min Stake: 0.01 Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 0
Max Stake: 10Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:5,000
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:No Multipliers:No