Psycho Candies Slot

RTP: 97.50%

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  • Massive Payout Potential Here
  • 4 Jackpots Worth Up to 2,000 x
  • Free Spins with Win Multiplier
  • Jackpot Wheel Bonus Feature


  • The Max Bet Per Spin is £20

Psycho Candies Online Slot

Royalzee’s Psycho Candies Slot

Slot gaming has managed to trigger our gambling appetite all the time. Over the last couple of years, the industry has produced some of the finest games. The themes are a lot, and when you mention the graphics, they are the best. This has allowed it to travel to faraway places and carve a name. In addition to that, it has also contributed to the growth of the casino industry. Royalzee has online slot games that set us apart. And with the Psycho Candies Slot, the fun reaches another level.

From the exciting games to the high-end gameplay, you are offered a time that speaks for itself. Our online casino has a massive library of games, as well as the graphics, are excellent. Having said that, some games stand out. Enter the Psycho Candies Slot, and you will be welcome with unique imagery. The animation and design of the game are something new.

Besides that, there are great bonuses for you to trigger. In addition to that, there are multipliers and massive bonuses that are easy to trigger. As the name suggests, you are in for the juicy candies. This is the central theme of the game, so expect them to be scattered all around. Finally, the slot has integrated the gaming crowd as well. In addition to this, the optimization is up to date and ensures smooth navigation.

About Psycho Candies Slot

Psycho Candies Slot is a name that you will remember. The designers have done a tremendous job with the game. However, the initial may not look as attractive as it will turn out. It’s obvious everything takes time to develop. Gluck Studios designed the game in 2020. However, within a short period, it has attracted a massive crowd. Catering to the candy theme, the Psycho Candies Slot makes full use of attractive imagery.

The sounds add to the crisp of the theme. This is just the candy crush style with its own uniqueness. The game has six reels and a massive jackpot to trigger. In addition to that, you are offered an RTP of 97.5%. The betting ranges from £0.20 – £20/spin. With lucrative bonuses and better gameplay, the slot offers you to multiply your wins. Besides that, you can also enjoy the game from any of your devices.

It uses HTML5 technology that makes it more convenient to navigate. So, if you are using a mobile, you will not find any problem loading it. In addition to that, the detailing in the game is something that stands out. Using an exciting theme, the sounds are in sync with the game. These are the factors that have been a boon in bringing the new audience. However, the massive bonus feature takes the entertainment to the next level.

How to Play Psycho Candies Slot

At the first look of the game, it will appear to you like a simplistic game. However, there is more than what meets the eye. Psycho candies Slot makes better use of the candies in crushing them to form the bonuses. But, if you aren’t ready, then you will miss them. Having said that, it becomes imperative that you take some time and get the best of the learning. The first thing that you must do is have an assessment of your budget,

You must have a separate amount set for gambling. This way, you can ascertain how much you can wager on a game. So, take some time to think and decide accordingly.

In addition to that, there is also the paytable to take a look at. This is your guidebook of the game. Some symbols will have a value attached to them. So, this will help you to understand which pays what. Once you are done with the game’s learning, the next step is to select how much you will wager per spin. The screen of Psycho candies Slot will allow you to increase or decrease your bet.

You select the bet and let the reels spin. However, if you wish to go for the different modes of spinning, then turbo, regular, or super turbo is also there. The start button is also there. Press the button, and let the game begin. Besides that, you are also offered a demo mode and autoplay. You have to approach sensibly in autoplay and set the number of reels. In the former, take some time to play the game, and as you get the hang of it, proceed accordingly.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus features are designed in the excellent and the best way possible. From their appearance to the design, everything sets a standard. The candy makes it more exciting of a session to play. You have to collect the bonus symbols to trigger the Bonus Jelly Feature. This round can give you prizes beyond your imagination. In addition to that, some free spins or spins can trigger the jackpot wheel.

With four spins on the reel, you can get 12 free spins. Besides that, the cascading feature will blast everything in the game and offer you the best results. This is called Unlimited Cascading Multiplier, where you have to land four or more matches. Furthermore, you also have the jackpots to take. There are also the minis and the significant depending on your luck. You can multiply the value by 150x. However, if luck favoured you, then there’s a 5200x for you.

With the proper blend of the symbols and lucrative options, the candy-themed slot is a game that you will always enjoy. On top of that, you have the trust of Royalzee on your side. Enter the slot, trigger the best of the bonuses, and make the better of the session., However, take some time to decide the bet and let the reels spin. Finally, never forget to have fun. After all, the slots are made for, and with enough bonuses, this doubles up.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 6RTP: 97.50% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.20Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 243
Max Stake: 20Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: YesJackpot Prize:5000 x
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:YesMultipliers:Yes