Rabbit Hole Riches Slot

RTP: 94.70%

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  • 2 Mini-Game Type Bonus Rounds
  • 5000x Maximum Win Offered
  • Unique Theme Never Seen Before
  • Innovative Use of Bonus Features


  • Low Number of Reels Used
  • Very Low Amount of Paylines Included

Rabbit Hole Riches Online Slot

Royalzee’s Rabbit Hole Riches Slot

When an interesting and unique looking slot game is released, we take a long look at it here at Royalzee. This is because we want to ensure that only the highest quality games are offered within our library. Rabbit Hole Riches slot definitely piqued our interest. Offering more than 600 slot games to our members. Therefore, dedicated to providing only the best that the slot game industry has to offer. Enjoying this title along with our full impressive range requires membership to our platform. Filling out the sign-up form along with completing the process will enable you to become a member and play the fantastic games.

bringing a unique theme that has never been used before can be hard for slot game developers. However, the Rabbit Hole Riches slot provides just that. Offering a mature look at the traditional Alice in Wonderland story, the theme offers fantastic detail. Taking on a theme like this is no easy feat, however, the developers have an amazing attention to detail. As a result, everything in the display is shown in fantastic high-quality. Using some of the very latest technology when it comes to the gameplay offered. Therefore, has everything that a player looks for in modern slot games.

With all of these factors, the game performs very well overall. As a result, offering online casino players a unique gameplay experience offered with some amazing features. Are you willing to venture down the rabbit hole and see what you can recover?

About Rabbit Hole Riches Slot

This unique game was launched into the market in October 2020. Being the culmination of years of work by the well known Play’n Go. With this developer being known for offering entertaining and very high-quality games. Players are entitled to expect the same from the Rabbit Hole Riches slot. The game does not disappoint, offering the latest features players can expect. We are pleased that we can offer this fantastic title along with the many other titles from this developer. As a result, you will see this up with some of their best.

The Rabbit Hole Riches slot takes players right back to basics with its layout. Therefore, offering only 3 reels to play with. As a result, it makes up in many other ways to give an enjoyable slot gaming experience. The main character is the white rabbit from the traditional story. However, it has been aged a bit and been made to look slightly spooky. The slightly spooky nature of the game is an aspect that is carried throughout. However, the visuals are only half the story. Therefore, the game is packed with features that also improve the games playing experience.

With all of the features, sound effects and gameplay offered. This is an impressive title that our players will love. Therefore, already showing to be a hugely popular title among the slot games we offer.

How to Play Rabbit Hole Riches Slot

Slot games have become known for how easy they are to play. With the process not changing since they were invented. However, being online allows for many extra options to be implemented. As a result, players must first choose their coin size. With other settings like the number of paylines and the number of coins, they must also be set. You are then ready to spin the reels, in the hopes that they land on a winning combination. Therefore, being rewarded the value of the combination. With the icons having different values, the rewards will have different amounts.

The Rabbit Hole Riches slot offers a very simple 3×3 grid for their icons to be displayed. Although it is a small play board, the game has 5 paylines. Therefore, with the ability to have coin sizes from 0.10 up to 100, the results of the spins can quickly add up. The icons within the game are the higher card values, with the highest paying symbols being themed tiles. The images on these tiles reflect the spooky mature theme that the game uses. As a result, a couple of these have some special attributes connected to them. Therefore, acting like the specials and wilds. You can find the values of the icons within the game in the information panel that is offered.

Even though the Rabbit Hole Riches slot offers a smaller than average playboard, it is packed with features to add to the gameplay offered.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds and features have changed the way in which slot games are played since they have been introduced. Often connected to a jackpot or the games maximum win, the rewards from these rounds can vary. With game developers tying them into the themes, they have all taken on lives of their own. You will commonly find that the bonuses can be activated by using the wild and scatter icons that the game uses. Although many of the features games offer seem different, they all share similar aspects, therefore, making them easier to understand.

The Rabbit Hole Riches slot has a number of fantastic features that players can use and enjoy. One of the better aspects that this game offers is a mini-game that uses mirrors or scenes and the white rabbit. However, there is a second mini-game that uses the teacups from the tea party scene. Another gives players up to 5000x the stake placed. One of the bonus rounds is where players can achieve multipliers within the games. With a free spins feature round also offered. The game can be very rewarding when these rounds are played right. A full explanation of every round in the game can be found in the help panel in the game.

With a few other hidden bonuses in the game, it is full of surprising and exciting features for players. As a result, the features make a huge difference in the whole slot game experience the game offers.

Slot Game Details:

No of Reels: 3RTP: 94.70% Wild Symbols:Yes
Min Stake: 0.10Auto-Play Available:YesNo of Paylines: 5
Max Stake: 100Progressive Slot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: 1Online Slot 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize:5000x
Max Stake Line: 1Scatters:YesMultipliers:Yes