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Royalzee’s Baccarat

Baccarat is quickly rising through the ranks of popular table games that are offered online. With new versions being launched all the time. However, it seems that the most popular one is the original online version of the game. This may be down to the simplicity that the game offers. As classic table games have been around for a number of years, the players can be the hardest to please. Therefore, here at Royalzee Casino we will only stock the very best. This importantly includes our Baccarat titles.

If you have never heard of Baccarat, it can be described as a simple yet fast-paced card game. With the virtual version we offer, you can learn how to play. The game looks more complicated than it is, as the table shows all of the possible plays and values. You could think of it as the paytable is the games table that you play on. With the game boosting in the numbers playing over the past few years, we are positive that this will be a huge hit with our players. Those that prefer to play on mobile will find that our platform offers flawless play as well as great game interactivity. 

About Baccarat

Those who are familiar with the game of Baccarat will be pleased to know that this game is produced by Microgaming. They have been in the industry for many years and therefore, know what it takes to produce a great online casino game. They first launched this variation of Baccarat in 2003. Although it may seem dated now, the game is still very popular today for Baccarat beginners and seasoned players. Sometimes simplicity is key, this is something you can see in this game. As a result, the game is displayed exactly how you would expect an actual game to be. 

To find Microgaming’s Baccarat in our library, simply follow the virtual games tab. Here you will find all of the classic table games that we offer. To find this game in particular, you can add a filter looking for all of the Microgaming titles. However, we do have a responsive game search feature. As a result, you can type the name into this to find the game quickly. This is often the quickest way to find any game. This feature also works for playing using mobile devices. Therefore, further adding to the mobile experience you can receive from Royalzee Casino. 

How to Play Baccarat

As we mentioned above, this game of Baccarat is very simple to play. Being a very old game, it uses only 52 cards to play with. Therefore, it follows the traditional rules of the game. The game will automatically deal you 2 cards, which is the standard amount for Baccarat. With the aim of the game to bet on which hand, between yours and the dealers, is closer to the single-digit of 9. There are 3 possible bets that you can make in this version of the game. With it possible to bet on your hand, or the dealer’s hand. The third bet that can be made is that the hands will tie. With so little cards in play, you can understand why it is a fast-playing game. 

Unfortunately for fans of the game, this is a very simple version. As a result, there is no added extras such as wild cards or other bonus features. This also includes an autoplay feature, as the game requires very little input from the player, it is felt that there is no need for an autoplay function. This same factor applies to other bonuses you may see for other variations. Therefore, showing that simplicity is a key aspect of this game. 

Bonus Rounds

This well-known version of Baccarat does not offer any bonus rounds for players. Instead, offering a great beginner platform to play the game. Here at Royalzee Casino, we offer players that have registered and verified their account the chance to play the game in a demo round. This is an excellent tool that you can use to gain experience in Baccarat before you play the game for real cash. The game will indicate when this mode is activated as it is important to remember when playing. This is because, any winning you may make while playing a demo mode cannot be withdrawn. 

Many players that play the classic casino games often look for a jackpot. Unfortunately, this is one game that does not have a pot. However, the saving grace is the impressive maximum win. As the stakes that can be placed are quite high, the returns are equally high. As a result, the maximum win that can be landed while playing Baccarat is an impressive 5000 chips. This is one of the most attractive features of this well-known game that the industries Baccarat players look for when deciding where to play. 

Virtual Game Details:

RTP: 98.99% Ways to Bet: 3Wild Cards:No
Min Stake: 1 Auto-Play Available:NoBonus Features: No
Max Stake: 500 Progressive Jackpot:NoRandom Jackpot:No
Min Stake Line: N/AOnline 3D Graphics: NoJackpot Prize:N/A
Max Stake Line: N/A Scatters:N/AMobile:Yes

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