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Caboom! Royalzee Online Casino Launches!

So it Finally Happened….

We are outstandingly excited and proud to be giving you the news that we have launched our new online casino today. After some rather hard work from the team at Royalzee, we cannot describe how proud we are to be launching a casino for the ages. A modern take, focusing heavily on our audience, that we promise that you’ll love. We are a group made up of players who decided to club together and bring ideas to Royalzee that are player-focused.

As you can see from our ‘Who We Are‘ page , our background in casino gaming goes way back. Spending time in various establishments and online forums together, the founding members were united by a passion for casino favourites like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots, but wanted more from the online experience.

Making the right tweaks to an industry that already has several major players was a step we dreamed of taking many moons ago. Royalzee will be easy to navigate, full of quality titles from the best developers and offer daily incentives that will turn the heads of potential new players, while keeping the loyal regulars happy. Above all else, Royalzee will answer the calls of the passionate players, just like us.

Seeing a Gap in the Market

What we mean by this is many online casinos could do more in our opinion to understand player needs. Whether that’s responding quicker to a live chat message, paying out as soon as possible or just providing better general support, these criteria are sometimes lacking. We’ve seen the frustration on forums and reviews towards casino ‘leaders’ who don’t do enough to appease their loyal followers. A refresh is needed to give back to online players who spend hours of their time and money on entertainment and stimulus for them. It’s a challenge to meet the needs of a demanding culture, but we fully embrace it. 

At Royalzee, we vow to be that social connection in your time of need. That might be a message via Twitter, or an email reply. You don’t need to see a chatbot with ‘Dear Customer’. No, no, we have seen this all too often before from previous experiences. It’s not personal enough and it’s our mission to do better.

Therefore, our main aim is to do our utmost to make the players happy, being the voice at the other end of the screen. We are excited to officially launch the website and can’t wait to make these necessary changes in the industry. Leading by example is the only way!

Excitement at Royalzee

We are buzzing to make waves in the casino industry. The excitement to bring you the best products on the market can not be contained any longer. This will range from the instant classics on Slots like Starburst to all types of Blackjack, with those new releases you wait for in anticipation.

The time has come in 2020 to unleash our website on to the world and to not look back. Our list of games, features, and bonuses can not be rivalled. We worked with some truly talented and innovative UX designers to bring you a seamless experience, whichever device you prefer to use.

Playing the best titles couldn’t be easier on the move or at home. At Royalzee, we are already planning a variety of ways to reach the pinnacle of casino gaming. However, we think our business model and priority to make it all about the players will help us reach the top.

The Days, Weeks and Months Ahead – What’s in Store

We want to see your feedback, reviews, and comments every day on all the various social media channels and comparison websites. We’ve worked super hard to get to where we want today, but that doesn’t mean we are going to stop! We’ve not reached the highest peak of the mountain just yet.

Nope, Royalzee always wants more and thrives on pressure. Our team will work around the clock to bring you the best entertainment, day and night. In the next few days, we are keen to see what you think of our new look website. Big plans are afoot to change the way casinos approach customer care. We strive to set the standard, based on what we saw as flaws in the industry when we played on casino websites.

Keep checking our daily updates, read our blogs, absorb all the latest news in the industry as it always changes with technology and Gambling Commission guidelines. The moment is over and Royalzee is here! We will bring you the best gaming experience imaginable online and can’t wait to host players with all levels of skill and curiosity.