Our Motto

Be In Control

Should the time come that you believe you might be gambling too much money, or spending too much time at an online casino, there’s always a way out. And we want you to be in control of that destiny. For some, a period of self control is required if you need to put money away for more necessary payments. For example, mortgage payments, rent, or utility bills are just a few instances of such a scenario. It is time to take control. 

Our Motto – What is It?

So what is our motto and why do we care so much about it? Our Motto is to be in control. And we offer a few safety features at our casino that help you do just that. As we believe the best experience is one that you are in full control of. And wouldn’t that be great at an online casino? The same goes for if you no longer wish to play. One of the most prominent features offered is the self exclusion system. 

It’s a procedure that you volunteer for, requesting that a service that provides the means for you to gamble excludes you joining them. This is set up for a certain time frame, which can be months or years depending on your request. Typically, it’s around 6 months minimum, up to 12 months maximum, but it can stretch even further to 5 years if that’s needed. It depends on the online casino you are at.

Once you have decided to self-exclude, you will enrol in the process and choose a period to exclude yourself from all products and services. As stated above, this could be for a minimum of 6 months or up to 5 years. You will be required to fill out and submit a form. Once the exclusion has been put into place, you will be removed from all marketing databases and you will not be contacted throughout the entire duration of your self-exclusion period.

Using This Function

This is a compulsory process for all UK casinos, who must offer this by law to all players past or present who use their website. What a customer can not do is later ask permission to participate in any game on that online casino’s domain during that period of self-exclusion. They must wait the entire duration of the set agreement before playing any game.

So, once you have signed up and agreed to this set period of time, which like stated above can be between 6 months to 5 years, this can not be altered. It will require you to submit a form, which you can fill out yourself. Following that, after you have enrolled in the procedure, you will no longer be contacted by Royalzee at any stage during that agreed period, or after unless told to do so.

You will also not be automatically added after either to the database where we hold all of our information on current players. No contact will be made with you at any point, so during the period of self-exclusion that we agreed to, it will remain the same for the term.

Responsible Gambling With BeGambleAware

If you find that you need advice with gambling, we advise you to reach out to BeGambleAware for help. They are a UK based charity that work with all sectors of gambling including Bingo Establishments, Casinos, Betting Shops, Arcades and Online Gambling. Should you feel the need to contact them, we do provide a link to their website. BeGambleAware are the government approved charity for all problem gambling advice so it is advice you can trust. 

Do These Features Help Me?

Here at Royalzee, we want to promote safer gambling where and whenever possible. Therefore, you may not feel the need to use these features right now. However, it is always good to know that they are there. At Royalzee we care about your wellbeing, and highly recommend some counselling or advice from professionals as well. Studies have shown that using features like this has helped many players to control their unhealthy habits while gambling. 

Our View at Royalzee

There are many support services in place that can help people with gambling problems. For instance, you can contact the National Gambling Helpline for free at 0808 8020 133 or with NetLine to get some free counselling and advice which remains confidential. The support from loved ones, including friends, family and partners is helpful and important to addressing the problem. Should you feel like it’s too personal with them, you can always reach out to the professionals who are available online or over the phone.

Know that although help is always there, our view at Royalzee is help can only be given to the individual concerned. Self-exclusion needs to be actioned by them and them alone. It’s good to assist those in need by reaching out for them, but they also need to make the next step themselves to put in place a plan.

Should you be worried or concerned about an individual, it’s best to get in touch with the National Gambling Hotline, who can point you in the right direction towards the next steps, those which are relevant and can help you regarding the situation and what needs to be done.