All About Slots

There is no way to separate slots into just two simple classes. Although you can say there are slot machine terminals based on land and then there are slots that you play online, there are many varieties which fall under these categories. There are slots with progressive jackpots and there are slots with a fixed jackpot. Some slots have multi paylines while others only have a single payline. And that’s before we even get into the themes, bonus rounds and slots bonuses. Do we need to continue?

Although it is hard to place slots in just two categories, the preceding paragraph is a safe way to define the types of common slot machines. So If you are aware of the main categories above, you will have a good idea of how you can go about playing slots. You can play in many different ways for different prizes. For example, you can play slots on land or online. You can select slots with various reels, play for a fixed jackpot or a progressive jackpot, and much more. Now that you have a brief knowledge of what slots are, let’s look further at the history of slots.

A Brief History Of Slots

In the beginning, the process of playing a slot game would involve feeding a coin into a slot and pulling the lever. When some people catch the words “slot machine”, they imagine a one-armed bandit. This is the original term to describe slots. The classic slot machines have 3 reels where you will see the colourful symbols spin round once a spin is begun. You first need to insert a coin the old fashioned way and pull the lever.

This is the point where the physical cylinders spin around clouding the symbols until the point where each reel stops to reveal a sequence. The final sequence determines exactly how much you win if anything at all. Some winning lines payout more than others. For example, if you land two banana symbols and a bell, you may not win anything. Yet if you manage to line up three banana symbols, you could win something around 100 coins for example.

Any casino worth signing up for an account at must accommodate a wide variety of slots. Slot games are a staple of an online casino and this applies across the industry whether it be at a land casino or an online casino. Without our impressive selection of slots, it will be a challenge to get new players to the registration process. Slots are the staple which draws the most customers to the registration form.

When it comes to the slot machine, there are over a hundred years of history. It is no secret that these games have taken the world by storm since the invention of the first slot machine terminal. The original slots were completely mechanical and players would need to use a hand-operated lever to turn the reels.

Many people believe that there is no winning slot strategy that you can apply when playing slots. It is a fair point however it is not completely true. There are many decisions you can make while playing slots that will influence your likelihoods of winning the jackpots. The most important decision is to determine which slot game to play. We suggest you try and play the slots with the highest return to play rate.


You’ve had a go on online slots before, right? If not, you probably do not know where to start. Despite the sheer popularity of online slots bonuses, many players do not actually know how to play new online slots. Sure, it’s simple to pull a lever or click a button that says ‘Spin’. But do you understand what kind of role each component plays?

First of all, what are slot paylines? Most slot games have approximately between 9 and 30 different paylines. These lines are important because this is what determines if you are a winner or not. As a good rule of thumb, the more paylines on a slot, the more chances there are of winning. The paylines are not restricted to just a horizontal fashion. They can zigzag all over the reels going diagonal, straight and sideways.

If you manage to hit any of the paylines, this will activate a win. A winning sequence has the ability to land at any place on the payline. Therefore, you do not always need to match winning symbols next to one another to win a prize playing online slots.


Now, let’s look at what wild symbols are. The Wild symbol is certainly one to watch out for. Basically, these act as a winning symbol which can match with any other icons to create a winning sequence. For example, if you manage to land two matching symbols on their own, you will not win. However, match the two symbols with a Wild and it will convert itself into the third matching symbol to create a winning line. It is up to you how long you wish to play online slots games for, just watch your bankroll balance and set limits if you need to.

We appreciate that it might be a bit daunting for new players at Royalzee when you first see our selection of online slots. However, you’ll soon begin to notice that you’re spoiled for choice. Although the decision of which game to play first may be tough to make, you can navigate the series of games with ease. You are able to quickly filter the games for the genre you are searching for. For example, you may choose that you want to play classic casino games.


Following the arrival of online casinos, online players would anticipate the day they could play slots on mobile. The day has arrived and you can now play hundreds of world-class mobile slots. You can find lots of world-class mobile slots at Royalzee Casino.

All of the mobile slots at Royalzee Casino have excellent HD designs, outstanding graphics and stunning visual effects. You can undergo the mobile slots experience from anywhere with an internet connection. The best mobile slots on our site are also available on the regular desktop version of the casino so no one misses out.

Anyone with a suitable Android, iOS or tablet device can try their luck at playing mobile slots for real money. Feel free to test the mobile slots in the demo version to learn the payouts, rules, and winning symbols before gambling with real currency. Because Royalzee Casino is fully optimised for mobile use, you can access our library of mobile slots without the need to download any casino software.


Here at Royalzee Casino, we acknowledge that variety is everything. And that’s precisely why we attempt to provide the full spectrum of mobile slots. If you want to bring the casino table to your own home or if you’re looking for the best mobile slots, our library of games is the place to be. We’re constantly adding new games to our library of mobile slots too. Therefore, you can play the freshest and most advanced mobile slots.

Mobile slots are a common preference among online casino players. The traditional slot machine games have developed over time, with the newest mobile slots proving that there is an abundance of innovations and new ways to win bonuses. Not to mention the latest mobile slots have sleek designs and top quality graphics.

As much as we embrace the latest mobile slots games, we’ll always have a strong appreciation for the traditional fruit machine games. Learning how to play mobile slots is not rocket science. Because each mobile slot game has its own help section, you will be able to see detailed information at any time about the game you choose. This includes the rules of the mobile slot, the winning paylines, payout percentages and more.


Royalzee Mobile Casino is ready to use mobile and tablet devices. The sleek design of our casino for mobile phone provides the same vibrant and responsive casino that you can use on desktop computers. The big question is: are mobile slots safe? This is an important and common question. Let’s get the ball rolling by firstly discussing if online casinos really have the ability to manipulate the outcome of slot machines.

The safest way to respond to this question is to examine how online and mobile slot machines work. There are two fundamental components you want to be conscious of. Firstly, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is a complex piece of software particularly created and built to create a series of completely random numbers. The random numbers produced by the random number generator will dictate what symbols are arranged on the reels.

What is necessary to understand here is that the RNG guarantees that all sequences presented to players are completely random. Therefore, this means that there is no way for an online casino to manipulate the result of a player’s specific spin. Although this is public knowledge, some players still remain sceptical. This is because the house always manages to win at the end of the day so how can it be random?

The fact is that online casinos do have a slight edge over players yet this does not indicate that the casino is manipulating results. Over the life span of an online slot machine, a casino will make a profit due to the house edge. However, it is their players who have the chance to win jackpots in the short term from a single spin.

The so-called ‘house edge’ is fixed on each game and will reflect in the return to player (RTP) percentage. It is programmed into the game during its construction by the software companies who make mobile slots. For example, if an RTP percentage is 97%, then a mobile slot machine will pay out 97% on average of what it takes in over the course of its lifetime. Because of this, you can determine that the ‘house edge’ will be 3%. This is the percentage of all funds wagered on the individual slot that goes to the casino.

That mixture of both the return to player rate and the random number generator is what guarantees that casinos make a long term interest from providing mobile slots games to players online without the need to try and scam players. As a result, you can be sure that mobile slots at Royalzee Casino are safe.


Here at Royalzee Casino, we strive to present you with the most suitable mobile slots for all devices. Featuring the most respected games, from the best game developers.

We understand that our environment is ruled by mobile devices. This is why we have created our engaging mobile slots UK casino site to present the most trustworthy mobile experience. Our mobile slots UK casino site is remarkably fast and responsive on all devices. We challenge anyone to discover a more reliable mobile slots site in the UK. Our state of the art mobile casino technology allows players to play games seamlessly across all devices and mobile browsers. The Royalzee mobile casino is user-friendly on laptop and tablet devices too.


Playing bonus slots at Royalzee can be a way to strike it lucky and win big rewards. Play for rewards like progressive jackpots and bonus slots prizes. One of the most popular methods that players use to attempt winning big jackpots is to look around for the best bonus slots. This is because they give you more money to play with in addition to more ways of winning.

Because of this, new bonus slots are a way for people to become more fond of playing slot games online. This is because they introduce a new chance to win prizes for less financial cost. There are many different kinds of bonus slots offers. Keep reading and we will take a look at each of the most popular bonus slots UK.


First of all, a welcome package is available to new players. All new players at Royalzee Casino are entitled to the Welcome Package Up To £/$/€ 1,000 + 100 Free Spins. The most popular type of welcome package comes in the form of a deposit match bonus. When you place the first deposit, the deposit match bonus will give you an equivalent amount to your balance. This is depending on the percentage. Deposit limits do apply to bonus slots on sign up deals yet it’s always a fabulous way to begin your membership at a new slot site.

The next slots bonus is the free spins bonus. There are two main kinds of free spins offers at online casinos. You can get both the free spins bonuses on top of a deposit or you can find no-deposit free spins offers. The free spins no deposit bonuses give you a set number of free spins for no cost. You can win the same prizes as usual when you obtain a free spins no deposit offer. However, you need to fulfil wagering requirements before you are eligible to withdraw winnings. Royalzee doesn’t offer ‘no deposit’ free spins unfortunately, we think the wagering involved is actually worse off that using the welcome package we offer.

The deposit bonus is directly linked to whatever you decide to deposit. Online casino deposit bonuses are normally at their most generous for new players making the first deposit. The best bonus slots sites in the UK like Royalzee Casino provide members with bonuses like this to new players.

Last but not least, the no deposit slots bonus is basically a payment into your casino account without any financial transaction on your end. Because of this, these are very popular indeed. Similar to the free spins no deposit, you are given casino credit to play with on designated games. So, you’re probably wondering – do I need to be a member at Royalzee to claim a slots bonus? The answer is yes, but again, we don’t offer the no deposit free spins, our spins are included in our welcome package which requires a deposit.


For many casino players, the most exciting way to play slots is with a bonus. However, it is not only the bonus slots which offer exciting features. Ideally, you want to play slot machines online with as many of the features as possible. For example, free spins, scatter symbols, multipliers, random bonuses and bonus rounds are all special features of mobile slots.

Many online casinos give players the chance to play free online slots in a demo mode. However, to qualify for a Royalzee Casino bonus and play for real money, all players must open an account. Our bonus offers are only available to players with a live account. Opening an account and obtaining your Royalzee login is uncomplicated and can be completed in a few simple steps.

All you need to do is provide us with some necessary information and then link your new account to an email address. You are then eligible to place a deposit using your chosen payment method. You can then obtain your welcome package and begin spinning on the slots games. It is worth signing up for an account at Royalzee to collect a UK slots bonus. This way, you can get to see what a new online casino is all about.


Before you claim a welcome package, always read the terms and conditions. The bonus slots available online are very attractive to most people yet the conditions may not be as pretty. It is good practice to always read and understand the terms and conditions of bonuses/packages before you claim them. You shouldn’t assume that there are no strings attached to a particular bonus or package offered by an online casino. Just like all slot games online, bonus slots have rules and regulations.

The terms and conditions of slot bonuses give you a clear picture of what is expected of you. In the terms and conditions, you will obtain relevant information like:

  • The wagering requirements of a bonus.
  • The minimum deposit amount to qualify.
  • How to withdraw winnings and when you are eligible.
  • Expiry times on how soon a bonus must be used.
  • The list of games that are suitable for the bonus.
  • The maximum amount you are able to bet per spin.

A wagering requirement is something which the player agrees to when collecting a bonus. Unless you satisfy the wagering requirement, you will be denied the right to withdraw any funds. Because of this, you may need to continue playing with your winnings until you meet the wagering requirement. Once you satisfy the requirement, you are free to remove winnings at any time you like. For example, if you are to collect a £/$/€100 welcome package with a wagering requirement of 10x, you will need to bet £/$/€1,000 worth of credits before you can remove any winnings.

You will always be able to read the full terms and conditions of each bonus that you see at Royalzee. The same applies to all other safe UK casinos. We understand that wagering requirements can seem intimidating at first. It may even leave you wondering if bonus slots are worth it. That discussion seems to be a common topic on casino forums and amongst players. Online casinos simply need to add wagering requirements to bonus slots in order to avoid losing money. The wagering requirements diversify not plainly from one casino site to the next but further on the specific game you choose to play.


But why should you sign up and deposit at Royalzee Casino instead of other UK slot sites? That is a very valid question. Signing up at one of the biggest UK slot sites will mean that you are simply a small fish in a big pond. Here at Royalzee Casino, we are a new 2020 online casino that is committed to guaranteeing fair play for all UK slot players. This means we will give benefits to all of our members not just VIP’s.

Royalzee Casino is different from other slot sites in the UK. We treat everyone equally and new players have the chance to get a Welcome Package Up To £/$/€ 1,000 + 100 Free Spins. Our bonus slots and promotions are in place to reward players for their loyalty from the very get-go.