We Are Royalzee

Royalzee.com is a new (2020) legendary online casino which is made up of former life-time players. We’ve seen it all. The good, the bad and the outrageously ugly stuff that the industry has to offer. So, having played at many casinos online, some being extremely good by the way, we decided to dream up what we believe the modern player wants. That means quick payments, a variety of games on multiple devices, speedy customer service and much more.

In the past we have found the opposite of this in some cases. It’s difficult to monitor everything in a brick and mortar casino, particularly in terms of legislations and adhering to Gambling Commission guidelines. Some experiences that make you want to pull your hair out, both in land casinos and online. What the internet allowed us to do is create a platform for passionate gamers 24/7. Accessibility around the clock on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. With that in mind, at Royalzee we wanted to create the ultimate thrill for the players, as and when you need it.

An Online Casino That Cares

Above all else, we want fairness and equality, a website you can trust and a reliable online casino to enjoy. We care about our players because we have been in that frustrating experience before. Whether that’s a website that freezes when you’re on a hot streak, or a land casino refusing to pay out. It’s annoying when you think you’ve found that perfect bonus, for it to mislead you further down the line. There’s no good having a wow-factor sign up or no deposit bonus that’s not clear from the beginning. We listened to your feedback and our previous frustrations to make the dream online casino a reality. Transparancy is key and we give you that on our platforms. A reliable system that works in partnership with the best software developers.

Working alongside the likes of Netent, Eyecon and Microgaming, we offer the best in the business. That means awesome games with even better graphics and super cool features that are constantly upgraded. Working with the industry innovators brings out the best in us as a brand, giving you the casino you desire. A network and community you can rely upon to provide entertainment online wherever you feel like picking up and playing.

How Did We Start

Well, when you’re in the gambling community online, there’s a lot to discuss. This in turn lead to a bunch of like-minded individuals wanting more from the casino industry. A bunch of passionate betting enthusiasts really – that came together in a unification, intent on making the right changes in an industry that need innovation and new ideas. In our online forums, we met each night and discussed the latest trends, topics and tips to beat the casino edge. Slowly we realised we had the same outlook on business and how a great casino should look.

Spending those nights (and sometimes the next day) playing tournaments helped to build lifetime friendships and understand the importance of an online community. We also saw that their was a lack of feedback and response from casinos we previously visited. We wanted to keep that sense of entertainment and joy in making new friends. But at the same time, giving back by creating a casino where you could get a response fast and when needed. Those hours of fun at other casinos, and a mutual bond, led to the formation of Royalzee.

Filling in the Gap

We saw a gap in the market for a brand that truly focused on the players. Recognising that any successful casino business is built on providing a great service to customers and tweaking a few areas that frustrated us in the past, especially when we played online together. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a potentially awesome idea. However, we had no idea of the planning and focus that was needed to make it an overnight success.

It took hours of blood, sweat and tears, grinding day after day to follow the Gambling Commission’s and MGA’s compliance. So much graft went into making the perfect website that not just benefited the players, but also meant European compliance laws and regulations. This in turn was a good thing, because it demonstrated our enthusiasm to provide a fair platform to play in demo mode or for real money on all of your favourite games.

Our Mission

The goal and end-game is simple for us at Royalzee. We are on a mission of discovery, one to become the fairest casino there is in a sea of online competition. To provide a casino that not just offers tempting pay outs or fantastic promos. We want to give you the full-bodied experience that you will appreciate and that others will admire. We aim to set the bar high, but also to be realistic. Not to promise the world like some casinos do, but to offer something that you can believe in.

We will work constantly and consistently to bring you the best new titles from the market of top developers. This will be in line with new promotions that will appear daily on the royalzee website. All of this stems from hard work to back it up with the correct licenses, obtaining them to bring you legitimate and authentic products that you can admire and enjoy.

Our mission and promise is to create a community of players who understand what we are all about. Coming from a background of former players, we will honour the integrity of the industry, promoting responsible gambling at every turn of the wheel, roll of the dice and shuffling of the cards. It’s in our DNA and core ethos of Royalzee, at the heart of all that we do.

We Keep In Touch

Whenever you have any query, somebody will be there from our team to respond to you 24/7. That’s so no stone is left unturned in our quest at Royalzee to become the top online casino. When any question is answered well and creates a level of efficiency you’ve not encountered before, it leaves each player happy and fufilled when playing our games online.